Meet Stephanie Veltri (Designer Life Mom)


Getting to know Stephanie

She earned her first degree in fine arts and second in interior design. She has a love for architecture, art history, entertaining and chinoiserie style. Her work has been featured on as well as multiple design platforms.

How would you describe your style?

I consider my style Grandmillennial.

Grandmillennial design incorporates vintage pieces, antiques and old-world decor paired with modern-day traditional. design features. It combines French Country and English features, along with clean lines of modern-day furniture. I grew up surrounded by similar brands and pieces that I use in my designs today. Anything I create always has an art history behind it. Meaningful pieces share a story, create a sense of interest and add color and dimension to a space.

What are the essential elements of your decor and design?

Some key pieces I have made a part of my interior design style throughout the years are Jasperware, Royal Copenhagen dishware, and Mackenzie-Childs accessories. My grandmother collected Jasperware, both my mother and my grandmother were avid Royal Copenhagen enthusiasts, and I grew up surrounded by the original Mackenzie-Childs. Nothing adds a gleam to a setting like Waterford crystal or tiny French Limoge boxes.

"There are specific accent pieces I feel complete every Grandmillennial and traditional style home. They give a home that southern charm feeling and a sense of femininity."

What is one room in our homes that you think needs special attention?

One of the most important spaces in a home is the bedroom. We spend half of our days there, and it’s a place for relaxation and recharging. This signature space represents you and your style. Investing in quality linens that provide both comfort and style will create a welcoming and personalized feel for you to enjoy. I prefer sheets that feature fine embroidered edging, monogrammed pillowcases, and shams. I love a scalloped coverlet paired with a soft duvet and cover.

Your tips for hosting an unforgettable event at home?

I often use nontraditional colors when decorating and styling for the holidays. There are certain complementary colors I like to work with such as green and pink, as well as blue and white. Both tones always work well with one another and exude a whimsical and updated feel.

When throwing an intimate or grand soirée in your home, you need three important entertaining essentials. There should be plenty of indulging food, limitless libations, and enjoyable music. For a quick and delicious appetizer, I love a sliced baguette, brie or feta cheese, fresh cilantro, and a fig or pesto spread. It’s always a hit and so simple to throw together. A fabulous rose’, champagne or classic wine is perfect to serve up in stunning stemware.

You can check out more of Stephanie’s Grandmillennial style by following her on Instagram at @designerlifemom or online at