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Kasey McCarty, owner and Principal Broker of 5.23 Real Estate is a Kentucky native with a national footprint in real estate. In a fast-paced real estate market, it pays to work with a team with experience and drive. Kasey knows this firsthand: her expertise allows her to cater to a variety of clients. She says, “I work with estates where the children have moved away from the homestead, investors who want that perfect ‘Airbnb-type’ property and aren’t picky about location, and even clients who want to buy in one area and move to another. Working with one real estate broker allows my clients to keep all of their real estate needs on the same page, especially when needing to sell and buy in different markets.”

Being licensed in Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida has allowed Kasey to learn how real estate markets are alike and different — while also giving her the ability to go with you out of state to find you the perfect home or lifestyle property. “The advice I would give to a buyer or seller in Lexington is not the same advice I’d give for Key West, Charleston, Savannah or Pikeville. Clients need an agent that understands
trends in different markets and how they relate to their goals,” she explains.

Thinking small is not in Kasey’s wheelhouse. “I’ve always been a big dreamer and always knew I’d end up in business in some form. I grew up around my parents, grandparents and great-grandparents all being small business owners in different industries in Appalachia. 2022 is all about growth and expansion. My two loves, Appalachia – home – and the beach – my happy place – will see a lot of growth this year,” she says. “With South Carolina and Georgia being our newest offices, 5.23 will be hiring real estate agents and brokers in 5 states in 2022, plus a few more states we have in the works. So, if you are in real estate, reach out.”

Offering her expertise on what buyers and sellers can expect in 2022, she says, “I believe the market is going to start to level out. While interest rates will probably remain low, I do believe buyers are becoming more in control of the terms of their offers. I am seeing more buyers getting home inspections and having their agents write in
appraisal clauses. That probably doesn’t mean a flip to the buyer’s market anywhere in the near future, but it is looking like we may see some leveling out across the south.”

"Clients need an agent that understands trends in different markets and how they relate to their goals."

Kasey McCarty
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