Southern Interior Design Trends for 2022


As you begin planning your home renovation projects and updates for 2022, it's always helpful to know what's on-trend and what's considered truly timeless. We think Kentucky homeowners should always consider adding just a smidge of southern flair to their homes, and these options are the perfect mix of trendy and timeless.

Plantation Shutters

This style of shutter is seen all across the south as both a decorative element and protection from sea breezes or harsh rain. Plantation shutters are a permanent, versatile window treatment. These wide louver blinds feature broad slats of wood or vinyl, providing energy-efficient insulation in the summer and winter. The bold lines cut a striking figure while diffusing light through the room in a way that’s often far more appealing than traditional blinds. They can also be customized for your home’s interior in a variety of finishes or colors.

Pattern Play

The best tip that professional interior designers have to offer is to always mix patterns. If you have the luxury of designing an entire room from scratch, start with the rug; many people finish a room, then struggle to find a rug that matches. Next, pick a showstopping fabric that – while not necessarily the focal point of the room – will be seen instantly when walking in. Many people use this fabric for sitting chairs, headboards or dining chair upholstery. Select a fabric (or two, or three) that complements the showstopper while being a bit more subtle. Then choose your wallpaper and/or paint colors. Be sure to break up the patterns with solid pieces and tastefully-chosen neutrals.

Drape Expectations

People are thankfully moving back to bold, dramatic, sweeping drapes, and we couldn’t be happier. They’re a lovely way to add texture, color, and patterns to a room. They help bring the eye up and add so much visual interest to a room. We’re particularly excited about ways to add drapes in unexpected places!

Biophilic Design

This is a buzzword in 2022 interior design circles, which sounds a little clinical. But it’s a concept that we’ve been familiar with all along! In essence, biophilic design satisfies our need to connect with nature in our modern homes and offices. Natural materials, ample natural light, pleasing curves and pretty plants all satisfy this inherent desire. As you work on your home’s design scape this year, think about how you’d like to bring the outside in. From big arched windows to landscape murals, the options are limitless!


One of the biggest comebacks in interior design is… the wall! Open concept homes have ruled the roost for a long time, now, but many homeowners are realizing that they actually miss having devoted spaces. It doesn’t necessarily mean a return to square rooms closed in with doors. Instead, it means planning mindfully for private space, functional spaces and progressive entertaining. Expect to see more archways, pocket doors, partial walls and glass partition walls this year. •