Getting Gor-Jess: Flashing Brights

Jesse L. Brooks


Neons and bright colors are always a fun and expressive way to show our personal style through our nails and toes. Warm summer days especially call for something spicy and eye-catching in our beauty routine. Not only do bolder nail shades make a big statement, but they can also help bring out fresh suntans and flatter all types of skin tones. We're sharing some of our favorite shades, from electric lime to poppin' pink, and these are sure to be conversation starters by the pool.

Orly Nail Lacquer (in shade "Muy Caliente") | $9.50 | Ulta |

Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer (in shade "Watt Yel-Lookin At") | $9.49 | Sally Beauty Supply  |

Revlon Ultra Hd Snap Nail Polish (in shade 'Rule The World") | $7.99 | CVS |

American Apparel Neon Nail Polish  (in shade "Neon Yellow) | $6 | |

Essie Nail Polish (in shade "DJ Play That Song") | $8.99 | Neiman Marcus |

OPI Nail Lacquer Neon Brights Collection (in "Juice Bar Hopping") | $10.50 | Walmart |