If you’ve spent the last couple of months cozied up in your favorite sweater with a mug of hot cocoa just waiting for Spring to come, then your wait is thankfully almost over. Easter weekend signals that it’s time to bring your favorite Spring fashions out of hibernation. The spring thaw will begin and little pops of color will start peeking out of the ground, just waiting to fully bloom. And what better way to celebrate the arrival of Spring than with a fun, fashionable Easter party.

Party Décor 
If you’re planning on hosting an Easter party, look no further than your own closet for Spring party inspiration. Spring dresses and menswear favor pastels and lightweight fabrics. Gingham and seersucker fabrics are perennial Spring favorites in the South. These fabrics can be incorporated into party decorations for a fashionable look. For example, Spring fabrics can be used to make ribbon or bowties for cake stands and jars. They can also be used to make a casual banner to hang over the food table. Spring fabric table runners and napkins also add a nice touch to the dinner table. Additionally, an Easter table would not be complete without spring flowers. Whether you gather early bloomers from your garden or purchase tulips and hydrangeas from your local florist, flowers are a must for a Spring party.

The Egg Hunt 
Of course, an Easter party has to incorporate an egg hunt. As a child, I loved shopping for a new Easter dress and shoes for Easter Sunday. However, when it was time for the egg hunt, the new patent leather dress shoes came off and were exchanged for serious egg hunting shoes —tennis shoes. For kids, the egg hunt is the main event. Even if you are hosting kids of all ages, you can have a successful egg hunt with a few simple tips. First, although purists may argue for all hard-boiled eggs, kids will appreciate the plastic versions filled with candy or small trinkets. Also, if you’re lucky enough to have your egg hunt on a sunny day where temperatures will rise above 70°, pop any chocolate filled eggs in the freezer for a couple of hours before they hunt. The chocolate will freeze and be less likely to melt on a hot day. A good rule of thumb to remember is 12-15 eggs per child. Finally, to accommodate kids of different ages, consider either splitting the yard into sections broken up by age or allow younger kids to start the hunt earlier than older kids.

The Menu
Easter is a great time to enjoy lighter fare. Traditional Easter food typically includes spiral cut ham and Spring vegetables. If you are looking for a more casual set up, consider individual portioned salads and tea sandwiches. Make-ahead menu items, such as potato salad and pasta salad, will allow you to prepare before the party. Choosing lighter desserts also works for Easter. Some ideas for lighter items include vanilla meringues, macarons, coconut topped angel food cake, strawberry mousse, and strawberry cupcakes. Each of these desserts can be made or purchased ahead of time and set out for guests to nibble on at their leisure. By preparing for your party in advance you will have more time to make lasting memories with friends and family this Easter. And, with a little planning you can achieve a fashionable, fun party without a lot of work.