By Cynthia Ellingsen


February is that time of year when we all start dreaming of warm weather. It’s the time when we flock to Florida and California like migrating birds. Or, maybe we just dream of a certain holiday designed to put a little sunshine back into our lives…
Valentine’s Day! (Collective groan)
Come on, Valentine’s Day is fun. It’s a day of love. Of celebration. Of romance and… (Boos)
Alright, alright. How about a little quiz to figure out what Valentine’s Day really means to you? (Cheers!)
*Super Scientific Valentine’s Day Quiz
1. When you hear the song My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion, you…
a. Laugh and re-enact the scene from The Titanic
b. Sing along, wailing and pounding your chest
c. Hurl
2. What are the most magical three words in the human language?
a. I love you
b. Let’s get tantric
c. Go Kentucky Wildcats
3. Finish this sentence. A gift on Valentine’s Day is…
a. Part of the fun
b. An integral part of our future proposal story
c. More gifts?! Like I’m not still paying off Christmas
4. Say you won a vacation to the most romantic spot in the world! That would be…
a. Doesn’t really matter, as long as we’re all together
b. Paris
c. Bangkok
5. Finish this poem: Roses are red, violets are…
a. Blue
b. Child’s play, compared to my five-page sonnet
c. A proven allergen
6. This Valentine’s Day, will you make dinner reservations?
a. Maybe… We might just have a romantic dinner at home
b. You know it. For 8 p.m., six months in advance and I’ll have roses waiting. Ooh, and maybe a tableside cellist
c. I could live a thousand years without watching strangers feed each other
7. Have you ever made a homemade Valentine’s Day card?
a. At some point. For friends, family, loved ones…
b. Yes, and a song to accompany it
c. I think I’m going to stop reading here and continue flipping through this magazine to see if I can find my picture.
8. Have you ever eaten a candy heart with a message on it?
a. Of course
b. I spell out cute phrases ahead of time
c. Yes, and I broke my tooth
9. Do you have selfie couple photos in your phone?
a. *Blush* Maybe
b. Yes, and as my screensaver, coffee mug and matching tattoos
c. I have a couple of bathroom-mirror selfies in my phone, yeah
10. What date night movie do you favor?
a. Pretty much anything snuggled up on the couch
b. Casablanca (with a pre-reading from Romeo and Juliet to kick it off)
c. Sharknado

Give yourself 1 point for every a, 2 points for every b and 3 points for every c.
24-30: A Cherub Named Katniss. If you saw Cupid, you’d probably clothesline him. In February, avoid all restaurants, candy shops and flower shops. But hey, in the midst of all the roses and ribbons, don’t forget what Valentine’s Day is really all about – sharing a little kindness with the people that you love.
15-23: Casanova-Romeo. Look at you, St. Valentine. This holiday is your chance to take all of that passion and throw it around like a bouquet on a wedding day. You may experience a little disappointment when the big day is over – until next year rolls around, consider donating that big heart to a charity where some extra TLC is needed.
10-14: True Love. Every day is Valentine’s Day. You have a steady appreciation for the simplicity of love and put relationships at the top of your list. Keep doing the little things to show people that you care. As the Beatles said, “And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make.”

Cynthia Ellingsen
Lifestyle Novelist

Cynthia Ellingsen is qualified to write this love quiz because she writes romance novels. Run, do not walk, to Joseph Beth’s, The Morris Bookshop or Barnes and Nobles and get your copy of Marriage Matters or The Whole Package today.