With one of the busiest months in the Kentucky calendar upon us, we strive to calculate how to accomplish the feat of entertaining and being entertained while appearing totally unnerved. Look inside yourself and your home to find the answer. Prioritizing becomes the obvious approach which means to rank in order of importance. Whether you are planning to entertain friends after the races or to celebrate spring, the time for a home re-do is not now. Determine which deletions and additions will make the greatest impact on your home. Make a list of the fewest number of projects that must be completed before entertaining. Constantly concentrate on keeping your list at a minimum.
The first step is to decide where you would like to host this gathering of friends. Your newly enhanced garden or mingling around the dining room table, which is decorated for spring, would be welcoming. Concentrate on the chosen area by decluttering. Remove small pieces of furniture, magazine containers and small floor plants. Keep the tops of tables simple by removing multiple items and adding a single stem in a delicate bud vase. If your party is planned for outside, arrange an alternate location should an April shower surprise everyone.
When considering the food table, simplicity reigns supreme. Spring flowers tucked into a few silver julep cups or crystal containers will add color and reflect the beauty of the season. With a few small arrangements gracing the table, the addition of porcelain butterflies provides the unexpected. Deleting clutter and enormous centerpieces will give the feeling of freshness for the season.
The well-appointed powder room will speak volumes about the experienced hostess. Sparkling clean is the most important detail. Freshly ironed embroidered, linen guest towels paired with luxurious small soaps and lotions tell a guest that they are special.
A lightly scented candle and a beautiful rose complete the perfect appearance.
Often regardless of the chosen location for the party, many guests congregate in the kitchen. It is cozy and full of action. Preparing the party foods and visiting with the guests is tricky. Organization and preparedness are important. Assembling the food ahead of time will pay dividends when the guests fill the kitchen.  Potential confusion should deter a hostess from selecting party foods that require last minute attention. Keeping the kitchen counter tops as clear as possible will help in the organized kitchen appearance.
Setting the bar away from the kitchen will contribute to a well-functioning area.
The location of the gathering is decided, the decluttering is accomplished, the powder room is polished and the kitchen is organized; now it’s time to consider the guests. The list is small which will reward the host and hostess with an enjoyable event. With each aspect of the party planning remember that Less Is Best.