By Deanna Talwalkar


Easter parties are one of the Spring’s first opportunities for an outdoor party. Easter is also a great time to celebrate family traditions or make some of your own, new traditions. These 10 tips will help you hatch the perfect Easter party plan for your family! 
Skip the Invitations.  One of the best parts of hosting family is the casual vibe. If your family traditionally celebrates Easter on Easter Sunday, you will not have to send out formal invitations.  However, you could still consider using an online invitation or RSVP service. Using one of these programs will allow guests to let you know how many people are coming and what dishes they will be bringing. 
Decorate with Bright Colors. Although Easter colors typically include pastels, such as pale pink, baby blue and light yellow, your party decorations do not have to follow this color palette. Using one bright Spring color, like hot pink, mixed with black and white, make for an energized, non-traditional color palette.  Other bright combinations, such as bright yellow and navy, also work well for Spring.
Remember the Eggs. If you have kids, they will undoubtedly want to dye Easter eggs in the days leading up to Easter. Take advantage of their enthusiasm and have them prepare some dyeable ceramic, or other non-perishable, eggs before the party. These eggs are now readily available in the Easter aisle of your grocery or discount store. You will be able to use these eggs to decorate your house before the party. 
Provide Some Kid Friendly Activities. Although the egg hunt is always the main event for an Easter Party, plan a couple of other activities for the kids. Kids may start to get a little antsy waiting for the egg hunt, so having a few activities for them beforehand will help occupy small hands. First, simply spread out a craft paper roll on the tables for inexpensive tablecloths that are just waiting to be decorated. Easter baskets or buckets filled with crayons or washable markers will encourage to find their inner artist.  Second, kids will love simple games like an Egg Toss, Egg & Spoon Races or Easter themed Minute to Win It games. 
Enlist Help with the Food. You can always count on family to help out with food for events! Instead of trying to prepare the entire meal, accept your family’s offer to help out. One way to successfully host a pot luck style meal is to provide the main course and drinks. Guests can then bring salads, side items, and desserts. Some of the stress of preparing a large meal will be off you and guests will get to enjoy family member’s special dishes. 
Remember Kid Friendly Snacks. Picky eaters are common among kids. Make sure you have a few snacks that even the finickiest kids will not be able to resist. Chicken nuggets, fruit, or pasta are usually sure bets. But, if you have a particularly selective eater that is attending, a quick phone call to her parents will help assure you have something that she will enjoy eating. 
Take a Group Picture Before the Hunt. Anticipation for the egg hunt will be high the day of the event. Make sure to take a group picture of the kids before the egg hunt. While some of the adults are hiding the eggs is a great time to gather the kids for a group picture. Taking the picture beforehand will keep the kids distracted and you will get the best results if they have something to look forward to after the picture. 
Set a Few Egg Hunt Rules. Before your party, decide a few rules for your egg hunt, such as the boundaries of the hunt and whether you will dismiss the kids to hunt based on their ages. Before the egg hunt, quickly communicate those rules to the kids. 
Have an Egg Hunt for Older Kids. Family Easter events often include kids of all ages. If you’ll have teenagers at your Easter party, they do not have to be left out of all the egg hunting fun. Instead of a traditional egg hunt, organize a scavenger hunt with clues or an egg hunt using GPS coordinates for older kids. 
Don’t Be Afraid to Start New Traditions. Although family Easter events already hold special traditions for each family, don’t be afraid to add in some new events or traditions when you host. Those new activities might just be the family tradition that everyone looks forward to in the years to come!