By Beth Parker


It’s been a long time coming but we’re finally experiencing the winter months. The days of snow boots, mittens, gloves, and my personal fave, COATS are upon us. Now, I know many of us get in a “coat rut” and choose to stick with the standard blacks and grays. Don’t get me wrong, we indeed need these staples in our arsenal; however, I challenge you this winter to think outside the ordinary box and elevate your coat game. How do we do this? It’s simple – colors, textures, and prints!
Bright Kentucky Blue. Now if there was ever a town that would wear the heck out of a blue coat and wear it well, it’s Lexington, am I right? I purchased this one recently and I have to tell you, it goes with so much more than meets the eye! I’m a huge fan of elevating an otherwise casual look of sneaks and leggings with a gorgeous coat. Think black, gray, navy blue, stripes, baby blue – all hues that would pair perfectly with this royal blue topper!
Plaid. Specifically buffalo plaid. Never was there a plaid I didn’t love. This peacoat is equal parts bold and prepster and that is, indeed, what I love about her. I’ve paired this coat with everything from stripes, to solids, to chambray, and even with more plaid! But the beauty of a printed coat is this – it is a show stopper. You needn’t fiddle much with the rest of your rig because the coat can carry the look all on its own. 
Tweed. Even better, navy tweed. I truly think we should all own a navy coat. It truly is my favorite neutral color. Navy can pair with anything and everything. Camel, gray, black, light blue, more navy, red, pink – the options are endless. Again, if you are more of a classic kinda gal and like to stick to your grays and blacks, may I suggest starting small and adding navy to the mix. It will definitely not disappoint!
This will be my last month writing this fun fashion blurb. Therefore, I want to send a huge thank you to both Tops and all of its fans for reading along with me each month and hopefully gaining a bit of inspiration. You’re simply the best, Lexington!