By Jesse L. Brooks


Just because you are at work doesn't mean you can't look great. We often think of business attire as being stuffy and bland, but there are many ways to have fun with your 9-5 pieces. The star of this week's outfit is a monkey embroidered blazer by Christian Siriano. The bold hues and jungle effect make this suit anything but boring. To accompany our stylish separates, we added a simple, yet classic silk crepe camisole by Tibi. When it came to accessorizing we wanted to bring out all those pops of color; by adding a pair of electric pink pumps by Kate Spade and a canary yellow classic quilted Chanel bag. And topping it off with an enamel monkey head ring by True Facet. If you are courageous enough to go the extra mile on the creative side of things, a powerful blue nail color is the way to go. Looking colorful won't make you any less professional; if anything it will prove you are ready to get down to business...in this case 'Monkey Business!'