By Mariah Scilley


Complete dedication to any one food or beverage is pretty hard to find. MonTea breaks this mold as Lexington’s only location dedicated completely to tea. The MonTea team is ready to help any customer choose a loose leaf tea, tisane, or herbal infusion that is perfect for any palate. With over 55 loose leaf teas including choices ranging from Strawberry Kiwi to Chocolate Mint Black Tea, there is truly something for everyone. Choose from this wide selection of options on the MonTea online store, or in person at their downtown location. 814 Euclid Avenue • (859) 268-8327 •
Bone broth is what it’s all about at this one-of-a-kind location in downtown Lexington. Caldo believes that the health benefits of regularly drinking bone broth offers a variety of health benefits. Locally sourced organic chicken bone broth, gingered grass-fed beef bone broth, and Caldo miso broth provide flavors that are out of this world. Other healthy choices like organic smoothies and salads make Caldo a truly unique restaurant option for anyone who doesn’t want to sacrifice flavor for health. 309 North Ashland Avenue, Suite 180 • (859) 252-6817 •
When it comes to liquid cuisine, this quiet eatery brings a variety of unique options and flavors to the table. Their specialty pho, a Viatnamese soup, is a local favorite that comes in a variety of combinations. Pho isn’t the only dish that makes this restaurant so popular. The menu also includes fresh bubble teas and smoothies in multiple flavors like Papaya and Soursop. Indulge in a truly authentic Viatnamese experience during a visit to Lexington’s pho experts. 171 W Lowry Ln # 176 • (859) 276-0557
Whether you are an experienced juicer, or you’re looking to try something out for the New Year, The Weekly Juicery will provide you with a refreshing experience. A huge selection of fresh ingredients, along with a super staff that tells you how each juice works, will help you every step up the way. Indulge in any blend of flavors ranging from the most simple combinations to menu favorite combinations like the “Sweet Dream” and “Blue Suede Shoes”. Customers have come to love this juicery so much that they even provide a weekly subscription service. Be sure to check out what keeps their customers coming back for more! 436 Old Vine Street • (859) 368-8000 •
This upscale juice bar and café puts a new twist on everyday beverage options. The Press’s friendly and attentive staff is knowledgeable on every ingredient and product that they offer. The parkside location provides an oasis in the heart of Chevy Chase that is complimentary to the fresh flavors and options on the menu. Specialty juices like the Green Glow with coconut water, aloe, avocado, spinach, kale, banana, and mango are sure to have you coming back to try new combinations again and again. 191 Kentucky Avenue • (859) 317-8915