By Jim Blancet


We often talk about the technological side of 3D printing because (well, let’s face it) we’re a technology company. But we’re also a business, and as all business owners know, it takes a certain amount of money flowing through any great idea to get it to take root and grow to its full potential.

So the good news for those of us following 3D printing is that the industry is not only booming as far as the general public’s interest level, the future is also bright with regard to money being spent and generated by 3D printing.

With a reported $11 Billion spent on 3D printing in 2015, a jump to over $26 Billion (as predicted by the IDC’s Semiannual 3D Printing Spending Guide) means that the industry will more than double in three years, with most of the growth taking place in the world’s most tech-advanced countries.

The growth is interesting when you look at the driving forces. What you see is a collection of industries using 3D printing technology to advance their own industry-specific goals. For example, you see 3D printing used in medicine to create artificial limbs, just as you see robotics inventors advancing prototypes of new products. While these two purposes aren’t directly related, these applications (and others like them) all serve to advance 3D printing as a whole.

Here at SIO, we like to decipher the smaller components that power new technology because it helps paint the full picture of what’s going on in the world and what’s most likely next to come. As a customer of SIO, you share in our expertise and curiosity about all things technical, especially anything related to IT. If you’re not yet a customer, call us today and find out how we can provide a customized solution just for you!

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