By Deanna Talwalkar


Now that the ball has dropped and the confetti has been swept up, it’s time to think about the parties you might be hosting in 2016. Here are a few favorite party trends for 2016:
Movie Themes
For a kid’s birthday party, movie themed parties are still the number one choice. A frozen princess party for girls, based on the Disney Frozen movie will remain hot this year. For boys, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will continue to be a popular choice again. 
However, with a new crop of movies coming out, you can bet that your kids will want to incorporate their new favorite into their birthday party. Probably the most anticipated recent movie release was Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Anything Star Wars related will be a popular choice for boys. For girls, look for a resurgence of Alice in Wonderland tea parties in the middle of the year with release of Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass. The broad appeal of the movie will have even tween and pre-teen girls asking for a tea party. 
Bright Colors
Simply White may have been named 2016’s color of the year by Benjamin Moore, but look for bright pops of color when it comes to party planning. Floral décor and oversized colorful balloons will continue to shine through 2016. Bright colors will grow more sophisticated with metallic touches. Gold continues to be the most popular metallic, but copper and rose gold are gaining traction. 
Calligraphy Touches
Although calligraphy used to be somewhat of an old-fashioned art, reserved only for addressing wedding invitations, it has made a big resurgence in the last couple of years. But, today’s calligraphy isn’t your mom’s (or grandmother’s) same old calligraphy; it has a decidedly modern feel. Calligraphy or hand lettered touches are popular for invitations, party signs, chalk art and now even custom wooden cake toppers. Calligraphy fonts now make it easier than ever to incorporate calligraphy touches into your party. 
Photo Sessions
Instagram, Facebook and other forms of social media have increased our desire to capture every moment with a photo. Many people desire to record special memories with professional photos. For milestone birthdays in particular, like the first or 13th, more and more people are hiring photographers to not only photograph the party, but also a pre-party photo session of the honored boy or girl. 
Another big trend that will continue into 2016 is the use of photo booths at parties. Photo booth rentals have been a party must have for a few years. However, if it’s is not in your budget, try setting up your own DIY version. Gather props that can be used for silly pictures, such as hat, large sunglasses, and scarves or boas. Consider purchasing an inexpensive photo backdrop to be hung on the wall. Online sources, such as Amazon and Etsy are a great place to purchase these. Set up a camera on a tripod and let guests take their own “photo booth” pictures during the party.  Photo booths, whether a rental or DIY, will be a huge hit with guests, especially if your guest list includes pre-teens or teens!