By Buffy Lawson


Over time in a relationship, we become naked. Not sexy hot naked but ugly little warts being revealed naked. Everything from snoring to bad money management will ultimately begin to creep into reality. If we intend to move forward with our lover, we must accept that this person is imperfect. This is difficult for those of us who are perfect, but we do the best we can. 
If we aren’t careful, life can create such havoc that all we begin to see in our partners are the warts. Sweet little gestures that were once cherished can go unnoticed. If they continue this way for an extended period, the gestures will ultimately go away. Why would someone make the effort to do extra special nice things for someone who takes those things for granted? 
And what a fabulous perk to squash! It makes no sense to ignore the things that bring you happiness. Being ungrateful for the loving gestures that your partner makes takes away the opportunity of having a romantic journey and turns the relationship into a redundant job. Most of us work hard enough trying to make a living, so why not work to make your relationship special?
Many people love watching romantic, sappy movies, where the couples involved appear to be the “perfect” pair. It seems impossible to achieve the level of happiness that appears so effortless in those movies. But I beg to ask why? Why is it so far reaching to give and kindly receive the little things? Not just the fancy expensive jewelry and over the top dinners. But unexpected notes on an old cable bill saying, “Hey, have a great day. I’m proud of you.”  Chances are, that note that took not a dime and less than five seconds just might make your partner have a great day in addition to letting them know you are proud of their hard work. How nice does that sound?
And if you want to take it one step further, really get naked. Get naked and dance in the kitchen with some groovy tunes, a nice glass of red wine, and a hundred candles. And later that evening when your partner is snoring, you might find yourself cuddling a little closer than usual with a peaceful happy smile on your face.