Mason Miller is the attorney who has represented the city concerning CentrePointe. He addressed the developers in the following letter:

Dear Jonathan:
On behalf of the City of Lexington, thank you for your letter today concerning the Centrepointe project. We appreciate the effort your clients made to develop a proposal for the development of the Centrepointe block. As I explained at the meeting, the proposal submitted by Bridgeton Holdings and Matt Collins was simply uneconomic and required the City of Lexington to subsidize the private development of expensive condominiums and hotels by requiring the city to pay rent at a price that would be more than double other alternative options for City Hall. As you know, the City must act in the best interests of the taxpayers, and this proposal was not in their best interests. Specifically, based on the work of the expert consultants hired by the City, your clients’ proposal would have cost the City in excess of $5.5 million per year, whereas other options were less than half of that cost annually.
As I also noted, the City has not made any decisions concerning the future of City Hall, and was and continues to be open to alternative proposals. However, it appears from your letter that your clients would prefer a “take it or leave it” approach, which is certainly their prerogative, and accordingly, we do not believe there is a need to respond to the offer on Friday as we previously indicated we would do during the meeting.
Again, we appreciate the effort made by all parties to work in good faith to address these issues and wish nothing but the best for your clients in the future.
Mason L. Miller

Mayor Jim Gray commented on the development: “The proposal simply asked too much from taxpayers. While everyone wants to see progress, it shouldn’t come at a premium to citizens. The developers were unwilling to consider the boundaries Council felt were necessary to continue negotiations.”