By Jim Blancet


It’s not always easy for new technology to find its place in civilized society, particularly when it involves other established industries making adjustments that create room for the new technology. This is certainly true for drones.

Just yesterday, an ABC News report pointed out the smuggling and contraband issues that prisons face with regard to this new drone age. The larger issue here (and one that applies globally) is how drones impact borders of all types, not just prisons, but property lines, state lines, country borders, etc.

Oh, and it isn’t just the land lines that drones are affecting. Dividing up the sky is now up for debate, as well. Again, just yesterday, a BBC report details the possible threat that drones now pose to civil aviation. The focus seems to be on drones flying near and around airports where commercial planes take off and land, as well as drones that are used to get close to emergency situations.

In any case, striking a balance between the exciting possibilities of drone aircrafts and the functionality of airlines and emergency personnel needs to be achieved in order to better assimilate drones into our society. While there is consensus that drones have the potential to perform some functions quicker and more safely than humans can, it needs to come at a minimal risk to safety.

And when it comes to drones making package deliveries for companies like Amazon, the complications are of a different nature, namely the people who may interact with them and possibly interfere with their functionality. Will people (particularly kids and pets) allow drones to fly over and land on their property without disturbing them? What happens when drones encounter obstructions, whether natural or man-made? These are questions with no immediate, in-the-field answers; however, this will come in time.

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