By Jim Blancet


At SIO, we are active within the Lexington, KY business community. We keep tabs on new businesses just opening their doors, as well as old friends who have been in business for years. And, of course, we service both types.

One thing that is consistent among all of our Lexington, KY clients is that they all want IT solutions that increase data storage, data security, and communication efficiency, especially solutions that employ cloud services. These are all service specialties here at SIO.

The advantages SIO provides are many. First off, we’re local, and we understand the nature of the business landscape in central KY. In fact, we are actually dealing with that same landscape daily (in real time) and in close proximity to our actual clients.

This allows us to be tuned in to client needs better than other, bigger outfits. And since we’re not carrying the same massive overhead as the national companies, we can customize plans that work for our clients and keep them in business growing just like we are here at SIO.

We know what it’s like to be a thriving Lexington business, and we know how to help a business organize its IT systems to flourish in the coming years. It takes experience, understanding, and flexibility—all of which we have in abundance at SIO.

So choose an IT solutions company that you can trust! We’re ready to set up all of your small business IT services, including computer services, web hosting services, data storage, data recovery, and more!

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