During the summer of 2015, while dining at Bourbon on Main in Frankfort, David Reed became inspired by the beautiful 100-year-old brick walls and set out to initially paint the Bourbon Trail, he has now moved into painting all of the distilleries in Kentucky, where he is currently working on number 11. He had a goal of painting one distillery every two weeks; he started with the beautiful Buffalo Trace Distillery.
His process starts by visiting a distillery looking for a view that moves him, he starts sketching the scene with a Sharpie marker on a primed 3 x 4 ft. canvas. He then returns to his studio where, in his words, “Then I just fill in the color,” using a brush and palette knife to bring the paintings to life.
The State Journal called his paintings “enchanting” as they were displayed in December at Bourbon on Main in Frankfort, as part of their ArtWalk Series. Reed is as colorful as his paintings and loves discussing how wonderful the whole process has been, taking in the moment and drawing what is in front of him. He is a Kentucky Colonel and feels like an ambassador for Kentucky, and the wealth of beauty Kentucky offers with the distilleries, looking back into history.
Reed moved to Kentucky 9 years ago, with his family from Washington, DC. Living in Kentucky has been an adventure and quite an adjustment for this creative guy who had spent 20 years in the advertising business in Atlanta and Washington, DC. Reed graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta with a degree in Visual Communications. Graphically he worked as part of creative teams on the Atlanta Olympic Proposal and designed paper towels for Georgia Pacific, Sparkle brand, with chickens and eggs, fruit baskets and cherries. He has stated, “When your artwork is seen throughout North America, it is quite a rush.”
Reed has been on the Board of Directors for the Louisville Visual Arts Society in Louisville and had space at the Mellwood Arts Center. He has been a member of the Lexington Art League and had work displayed in the Mayor’s office. He currently is operating a large web press in Versailles, Kentucky printing books for Quad Graphics. Reed has displayed and sold his art in Charlottesville, VA, Washington, DC, Louisville and Lexington, KY. He has sold hundreds of canvases; his originals, framed prints, and cards with his artwork are for sale at
You can meet David Reed during the upcoming Gallery Hop in Lexington, KY on March 18, 2016.
The paintings are currently at Source on High
For purchasing information call: 859-536-7054