By Hayley Robb


Masala Indian Cuisine
Masala Indian Cuisine must be your next stop if you’re looking to add a little “spice” to your life. Some of the favorites on the menu include: Chicken Tikka Masala, Garlic Naan, and Goat Curry. For all of you vegetarians out there, their irresistible meat options are not the only things on the menu; Masala offers options for everyone with its “Vegetarian Delights” section, each served with long grain Basmati rice. Masala Indian Cuisine provides a quiet and relaxing dining experience, featuring chandeliers and dishes served on a white tablecloth, all right here in the heart of Lexington.
3061 Fieldstone Way • (859) 224-0001 •
Taj India
Known for its modern interpretation of classic Indian dishes and congenial hospitality, Taj India is a hidden gem located near Richmond Road. It has retained its pleasant atmosphere that existed with previous owners and takes pride in its original dishes consisting of appetizers like Paneer, a white cheese stuffed with spices and herbs and Aloo Tikka, an onion-studded mashed potato patty. They’re also known for their Samosas, which can be stuffed with vegetables or meat, as well as Biryani, another highly seasoned dish served with rice, meat or vegetables. Taj India offers more than authentic flavor: the chef and staff provide a personal level of customer service and hospitality that will inevitably make this place your go-to spot.
158 Patchen Drive Ste 68 • (859) 268-0055 •
Curry House
The aptly named Curry House is the place to go for curries and so much more. Conveniently located on Nicholasville Road, this restaurant is perfect for you and your family. They offer a special dinner buffet on Friday nights and a lunch buffet throughout the week. Of course, the curries are a favorite and no two are the same. Each has a distinct flavor, typically mild but can be spiced up to your liking, with a spice scale ranging from mild, medium, hot and Indian hot. So dine in and enjoy the buffet line or dine at home because this “spice spot” delivers as well!
2220 Nicholasville Road Ste 160 • (859) 219-0100 •
Taste Of India
Taste of India gives Lexingtonians a taste of  the exotic. Their menu features cuisine from several different regions in India and is made fresh upon ordering. Regulars suggest to start with the Chai Tea. The careful preparation and flavor of the tea will complement the unique scent and taste of classic dishes to follow, such as Tandoori Chicken, Butter Naan, Seekh Kabobs, mouth-watering curries and even desserts like the mango and pistachio Kulfi. This eatery beautifully combines quality food, service and value. Whether you’re rushing in for a quick meal at the buffet, stopping in for a classic meal or looking for a caterer at your next event, the Taste of India is sure to take your senses on an adventure.
2467 Nicholasville Road • (859) 260-1911
Surround yourself with beautifully painted red walls and gold accented decor to satisfy your Indian cravings at Tandoor Fine Indian Cuisine on Mapleleaf Drive. If an all-you-can-eat buffet doesn’t lure you in, their large selection of not only Indian cuisine but Indian beverages definitely will. At the top of the list is the Mango Lassi, a thirst-quenching traditional blend of yogurt, spices and fruit. Tandoori Shrimp and Lamb Saag sautéed in spices and spinach are two dishes that you just cannot pass up. In this family friendly environment, it is impossible not to enjoy the flavors of India.
3130 Mapleleaf Dr Ste 170 • (859) 263-5771 •