By Drew Johnson, Sports Junkie


The purpose of this test is to ascertain which type of screaming, raving, Big Blue Nation lunatic you are. There are no wrong answers here, so please, be honest.
Do you realize that UK football has a legitimate shot at winning the SEC East? 
A. Agree—I follow Kentucky football just as hard as I follow Kentucky basketball. No one can bring down my enthusiasm for Mark Stoops and the future of the program. NO ONE!!!
B. Undecided—well, I’m still drunk from the Southern Miss and Florida demoralizing losses. Those two games sprained my soul. When I sober up, I’ll check your information, but I got to tell you I’m dubious. 
C. No—wait a second, Kentucky has a football team? Are you talking about those guys that run around in funny looking blue Darth Vader helmets hitting each other? I thought they were just an act for BBN to laugh at before basketball season starts. They’ve always been so awesomely distracting! THEY’RE SO FUNNY! 
Kentucky basketball will win the national championship in 2017. Agree or disagree?
A. Agree—banner number eight will be hung with care in Rupp Arena’s rafters. I’ve already designed my national championship tattoo! It’s going to either be on my left butt cheek or my right shoulder blade. I don’t know yet. 
B. Undecided—it is football season. I am NOT talking about basketball during FOOTBALL season. Just for asking, it’s your turn on the next beer run. Seriously, quit being “that” Kentucky fan. 
C. No—outside of Derrick Willis, UK does not have enough outside shooting. I love Bam, Malik, De’Aaron, and Dom as much as the next guy, but I see an Elite Eight at best. 
Do you still respect Rick Pitino?
A. Agree—I don’t like that he’s the coach of Louisville, but I am thankful for everything he did for Kentucky when the program was rock bottom. If being at Louisville is what is best for him and his family, God speed and best of luck against everyone except Kentucky. 
B. Undecided—will he even be allowed to coach this year? Didn’t 
I hear something about strippers, paying strippers, recruits getting strippers, coaches getting strippers, and Louisville coaches getting recruits and coaches strippers at Minardi Hall? Or am I still drunk from the Southern Miss and Florida losses? It was something like that, right. Hold on…WHERE AM I?????? I hate sobering up! 
C. No—the Rick Pitino, who Big Blue Nation worshipped is no more. Who cares if he won a national championship in Lexington? He is sleeping with the enemy at Louisville. He is dead to me. DEAD, 
I tell you! 
Do you think Mark Stoops should be Kentucky’s football coach 
next year? 
A. Agree—give the man another year! Geez, people, it is called 
PATIENCE. Guns N’ Roses sang an awesome song about it! Rome wasn’t built in a day, so Kentucky football sure as hell won’t be either! He’s got the chops, the bloodlines, and by Year five, he’ll have a quality SEC team. Just you watch. 
B. Undecided—I’m not the guy to ask. I just like to tailgate and party. If Stoops is here, great. If not, well, I’m still going to drink beer. Lots and lots of beer. 
C. No—Stoops has everything he asked for. It is inexcusable for Kentucky not to get to a bowl game in 2016, especially with the SEC East a dumpster fire. No bowl game means adios to Mark Stoops in my opinion.  He had his shot.