If you attended our November preview party earlier this month, then you had the pleasure of experiencing this winter wonderland for yourself. The Corman Marketplace is a year round glimpse into the North Pole (or what we imagine it might look like). People drive from all around each season just to see what magical Christmas decor Corman's have in store for their customers. In the 1960's, Corman and Associates Inc. began a new venture that would be all about enjoyment, creativity, and catering to the young at heart. Trains, ornaments, and a large variety of Christmas decor give you the feeling of entering Santa's workshop. The trees at the Corman Marketplace by themselves warrant attention. Ranging from 4 ft tall all the way up to 14 ft and in a variety of realistic species. Fir, cedar, spruce, pine, and even flocked, snow covered trees. Whatever your taste or preference, Corman's has you covered.The Marketplace also offers wooden sleighs, reindeer and giant snow flakes with the help of the Corman and Associates manufacturing division. You can color theme your home or work space, deck it out in your favorite holiday characters, or give it a traditional mix. The point is, when decorating for Christmas there is no place like The Corman Marketplace to meet all of your festive needs. 
If you are interested in custom designed holiday decor. Stop by or call to schedule a free design consultation.
The Corman Marketplace is open Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm 
Friday, Nov. 25th open 9am-5pm, Saturday, Nov. 26th open 10am-3pm
Feel free to call Corman's to learn more about their holiday specials. 859-233-0544
Visit this must-see Christmas destination in person at 881 FLOYD DRIVE LEXINGTON, KY 40505
Check out The Corman Marketplace online: