By Buffy Lawson


Apparently the number one New Years Resolution is to get back to the gym! Followed by: slowing down on drinking, quitting smoking, getting finances in order etc.…While gym owners revel in the first two months of the year, the cold hard fact is, many of us do fall off the wagon well before the Easter bunny hides those yummy chocolate eggs. 

The theme to my recent approach to life in many areas has been to simplify. From cleaning out closets to less chaotic holiday seasons. I’ll further extend this promise to the New Year. I do think it is extremely important to exercise, quit smoking and slow down on the ole’ vino, if necessary. But I also wonder if a more subtle approach just might make you very happy and be so easy to stick with that the other changes you wish to make come much, much easier!

My idea is to find a trait in your personality that could use some attention. Such as, if you are a negative Nelly, make an effort to positively comment on things that you typically don’t pay attention too. This will force you to look around and realize that even though it is a rainy Monday morning, the smell of your vanilla latte is even more fantastic. 

Or if you tend to be ravenous about your job and your children are beginning to mistake the mailman for their father, make yourself take the ball out into the yard and show them a thing or two. As it has been written in the Toby Keith song, ‘you might not be as good as you once was but you might be as good once as you ever was!’ As you begin to fall asleep that evening, chances are your mind will be thinking about the pride on your kids face when you threw a hail Mary instead of the abysmal expense report that would otherwise rock you to sleep. 

And of course, smile for no good reason!

Smile at a perfect stranger and ask how they are doing today. How hard is it to make a kind gesture to somebody who just might need a friendly face.  And now that you are on a roll… why not go one step further and require a “Calgon take me away” moment once per week even for ten minutes! If you can’t squeeze in ten minutes of you into your life, then something definitely needs to change and that needs to be your New Years Resolution!

Chaos, heartache, frustration, deadlines are going to happen no matter what.  Such is the world in which we live.

But if we can’t find ways of being just a little happier each day, the chances of us sticking to the gym are slim to none. Joy is not something we are promised. But it is everywhere if we get out of our own way. It’s a new year! I hope it is your best one ever.