By Marsah Koller


Be ‘Well Heeled’ With Embellished Heel Shoes

When considering footwear styles, there are none better than stunning, fully embellished shoes.  And a unique take are wedding day shoes that relegate the bling to the heel, boldly peeping out at guests from beneath the back of your dress.  This look can get lost if you have an elaborate train, but is especially great if you are wearing a shorter dress or even a sheath gown.  But don’t be fooled.  Here, less can cost just as much as a more rhinestone embellished shoe.

Make a ‘Heel Turn’ to Elaborate Heels

Some brides turn away from the though of a completely embellished shoe because they fear the over-construction can lead to an uncomfortable shoe that needs to be worn all the way to the dance floor.  Or brides voice concerns that beading will get caught on netting and crinolines under their gown.  Enter the rhinestone and beaded heel shoe, with a more conventional unadorned shoe ‘body’ and the show in the rearview.  To borrow a phrase, which you know I love to do, “Business in the front, party in the back”!

This Footwear will be Your ‘Achilles Heel’

Heel to wedding shoes that are decorated in style, and there are magnificent choices that are detailed with rhinestones, beads, pearls, large crystals and glitter.  There are fabulous shoes with mirrored heels that would reflect light and your guests would always know where you are throughout the night.  For a splash of color, especially for something blue, the heel can be your point of interest.  Designers also embellish heels with elaborate design creations of metalwork and beading, crafted just for the back of the shoe.

To Not ‘Feel Like a Heel’, Wear Them Again

A shoe this fabulous can’t be relegated to the back of the closet.  And wearing your embellished shoes more can justify what you are spending.  Plan to break them out to wear for your year of ‘firsts’, like your first New Years Eve, first anniversary, and first birthday dinner.  This way you can carry your wedding day bliss throughout the year.  

‘Heel to Temptation’ to DIY Your Heels

If ‘feeling like a heel’ means that your budget doesn’t allow for a big expense on a wedding shoe, here’s a secret.  Its super easy to DIY a fancy heel on your wedding shoe.  It’s the one part of a shoe that is not flexible and has a hard base to work with.  It’s as easy as spray glittering your heels (after masking off the rest), or gluing on flat-sided sparkle like a sorority girl.  Very crafty!