By Buffy Lawson


In many areas of the country, February is often considered a dreary, dreaded month. Cold weather and fluffy white snow is a much more welcome sight when topped with magical Christmas lights. However, by the time February rolls around, the fluffy white snow has become the burdensome nasty stuff that causes even non-cursers to cuss. 

Having a holiday hangover and wrestling with staying on top of the latest new years resolution doesn’t help matters.  To many, February can feel down right depressing. 

I propose taking a different look at this pesky little month. Meaning, purpose and perspective change everything, as we know.  Rather than looking at this time of year as a relentless, frigid, lingering period that just won’t go away, one might approach it as a time for preparation and planning. The novelty of a brand new year has faded, so perhaps this is your actual opportunity to let ideas, hopes and realistic goals come into fruition. 

Because being outside in the cold is the absolute pits, now is the perfect time to begin spring cleaning! Grab some leftover Christmas boxes and load those suckers up! Why wait until spring to begin cleaning? How nice would it be on the first day of lovely weather to have a picnic instead? After all - you have waited all winter to enjoy the outdoors, thus spring cleaning in spring seems Ludicrous!

And soups! Nothing is better when it’s cold than wonderful homemade soups! Look at it as though this is the last opportunity to try out fabulous new recipes and invite friends over for a nice bottle of red wine and a coveted new stew. If you have a fireplace, be sure to take advantage of a cozy fire and plenty of candles. This is something you will surely miss when the temperature no longer allows.

Summer vacation deals can also be readily found during the month of February. So grab that wine, lounge by that fire and start looking at all of the options and bargains you will see as you are dreaming of that hot, sunny beach with a pink umbrella in your drink!

This is also a time to get a head start on the ever-dreaded T word. Yes, taxes. No need to create complete havoc in your life by waiting until the last minute. This will allow you to do a little bit at a time. Perhaps for once, by the time the Uncle Sam deadline rolls around, you will be at least halfway there!

Lastly, take a load off and hibernate! Let yourself sleep in late on a Saturday morning up in the big bed… cozy as a big ol’ bear! When the weather is dreary outside, there will be no time for sleeping in late. 

So, with meaning, purpose and a little different perspective, February just might become one of your very favorite months of the year! It can be the calm after the storm and the perfect break you have needed to get ready for warm wind and sunshiny days. Cheers!