By Amanda Harper


Gents Original
Gents was founded on the idea that the same craftsmanship, pride and care that’s poured into Kentucky’s most famous export should be applied to non-alcoholic drinks. The refreshing flavors of Gents are made using all-natural ingredients in small batches. Gents can be found at Good Foods Co-op, the Barrel House Distillery, Palmers Fresh Grill and around town at various other locations. From their Smoked Honey Grapefruit Cocktail Mix to their tasty Toasted Oak Ginger Ale, Gents proves that craftsmanship is king in Kentucky.

Sunrise Bakery
Steve Matherly’s family history is steeped in culinary tradition, and he wants to share the love of family, traditions and bread with everyone. While Sunrise Bakery’s delicious, carefully crafted Old World style bread is a can’t-miss, their pastries, sandwiches, cookies and cakes are something truly special. The family business offers up something different every day, from biscotti to delicious danishes, but their famous cinnamon rolls are one of the few things that can get many Lexingtonians going each morning. 

111 West Main St. • (859) 255-0304

Martine’s Pastries
Anyone who has attended a few weddings in Central Kentucky likely needs no introduction to the talent residing at Martine’s Pastries; their wedding cakes are delicious works of art. What may be news is that Martine’s offers delicious pastries and desserts in-store Monday-Saturday! From their tasty Peanut Butter Blondie to slices of their Cake of the Day, Martine’s has something to make anyone’s day a little sweeter. For special occasions, Martine’s takes call-ahead pre-orders for cakes, with countless options. Their desserts are also available at fine establishments throughout the Bluegrass. 

1039 Industry Rd. • (859) 231-9110

Pig & Pepper Baking Co.
Rian Davis began her journey with a culinary curiosity: she wanted to enjoy a pie, but wondered if she could modernize the taste of an American classic. That same pursuit of innovation, plus a commitment to using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, makes their creations truly special. From their Blueberry-Mint Bourbon Cream Pie to their Smoked Duck with Goat Cheese Quiche, Pig & Pepper will be available at the forthcoming Lussi Brown Coffee Bar. Their quiches can currently be found at A Cup of Commonwealth.

105 Eastern Ave. • (859) 592-1935

Jūn Bug
There is a lot of buzz surrounding probiotics. For the curious, Jūn Bug Probiotic Honey Soda is a wonderful local option. Each batch is sweetened with unheated raw honey, creating a delicious drink with live enzyme cultures. This Kentucky Proud brand works hard to keep it local, from the honey at the heart of the beverage to the label that rests on the outside. Find Jūn Bug at numerous Lexington locations, including 21c Museum Hotel, Middlefork Kitchen Bar, Minton’s and Blue Stallion Brewing, just to name a few.

962 Delaware Ave. • (859) 333-2001