By Marsah Koller


If you are considering wedding venues during these cold winter days, nothing sounds more appealing than escaping for a beach wedding.  When planning vows on the beach, the choice of which shoe to wear if you are actually saying your vows in the sand is a quandary.  You have to juggle navigating sand without giving up super cute footwear, so many beachy brides just choose to go barefoot.  There’s as sparkly footwear solution - Barefoot Sandals! 

Bare Your Sole

We first saw Barefoot Sandals in the 60’s and 70’s, when they were a too casual, radical idea.  It’s interesting that now they are back for the most formal and important of occasions – weddings!  What goes around comes around. You can find barefoot sandals created from rhinestones, beads, sequins, netting or lace, and styles can even come above the ankle line for interest.  They are more readily available online, and can be found or custom made by an Etsy artist.  Prices are very reasonable for a fun addition to your wedding day ensemble.  Plan on a minimum of $30 for a simple pair.

Barefoot and Bohemian

The Barefoot Sandal is also a great choice for a Bohemian style wedding.  If you are walking down the aisle on soft bluegrass, decked out in a simplified Bohemian style wedding dress, a barefoot sandal is a perfect choice to complete your ultra casual style. Your guests will remember this simple element.  You may choose to wear a shoe during the wedding, but wear Barefoot Sandals to add whimsy during a woodland wedding photo shoot.

Barefootin’ for Late Night Comfort

I often hear that brides end up taking their shoes off for relief and fun later in the reception and just go barefoot. This is Kentucky after all!  Sometimes there are just so many hours in heels that your feet can take.  A sparkly Barefoot Sandal is the perfect addition to your wedding day ensemble, and it will look like you planned to kick off your heels.  Plus your feet in Barefoot Sandals are another great shot for your wedding photographers to catch.

Bare to Wear Them Again with Your Honeymoon Trousseau

Tuck those Barefoot Sandals in your carry on, especially if you are headed to the islands for your Honeymoon.  It’s the perfect locale to wear them, walking around your resort, on the beach, or even in the honeymoon suite.  Don’t forget to take photos of your bare feet in the sand wearing them.  They can also be a great conversation starter, telling other resort guests that you wore them during your wedding festivities.  And remember to pull them out again for romantic beach getaways in years to come!