By Marsha Koller


Most little girls dream of being Cinderella, and dream of being a bride.  It’s completely ‘magical’ when the day comes that you get to pull both of these off. Especially if you choose a billowing ball gown, choosing a glass slipper as your wedding footwear will make you feel like a princess and look like the belle of the ball.  You’ve already caught the eye of the Prince, so why not?

The Choice is Clear
The glass slipper is a hot commodity right now, with specially commissioned glass slippers being created by designers for stage, the big screen and the red carpet. Stuart Weitzman designed glass slippers for the dazzling Broadway production of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s ‘Cinderella’, then ingeniously took the shoes mainstream – available to anyone. These romantic beauties are transparent vinyl and feature a galaxy of Swarovski crystals. They were designed for the actress to be able to effortlessly dance on stage, so they were made for your reception!  
Never to be outdone, Christian Louboutin has designed his version of Cinderella’s Glass Slippers for Disney, with a foundation of sheer, see-thru netting that appear to disappear on the foot. They are topped with Cinderella’s signature butterfly.  Magnificent.

Fit For A Mouse Footman
You may take one look at glass slippers and think they would be uncomfortable, but that is not the case.  This look is actually a throwback to 60’s clear, hard, Lucite heels, but now they are designed for comfort as well as crystalline beauty.  Current styles are actually surprisingly cushiony and aren’t as stiff and unbending as they appear.  I did mention magic, didn’t I?  

Jealous Wicked Step-Sisters? They Can Have Their Own
A special magnificent pair of glass slippers for the bride can be as pricey as you will let it.  However, you would be shocked how affordable some lower end versions can be – even in the $50 range or less for savvy shoppers. This way all your bridesmaids could have glass slippers of their own (no matter how big their feet are!) I love the consistency of your entire wedding party wearing translucent footwear to compliment yours.  Imagine the great shots your photographer could catch or stage.

Don’t Leave Your Glass Slipper Behind
Dance the night away until the clock strikes 12, and then tuck them in your getaway pumpkin carriage to take them on your honeymoon.  They ‘clearly’ will match everything in your trousseau, and only one great pair of evening shoes will lighten your suitcase. So waive a magic wand (also know as a credit card), close your eyes, and pick the most fabulous pair of glass slippers you can find.  Bibbity, Bobbity, YOU!