By Meredith Lane


Beauty insiders say a person’s eyebrows are the punctuation marks of the face. It doesn’t matter if you like them arched and feathered or straight and bold; eyebrows, for many, may be the most important facial feature. In the past, those who wanted fuller or darker brows had to fill them in with pencils, gels, powders, or even tattoos, but now there’s a procedure that replaces those processes, causing some to raise their eyebrows! It’s called microblading and for Holly Meredith, owner of Feather & Blade in Lexington, the semi-permanent trompe l’œil technique is the brow and beauty industry’s newest and next best thing.
Popular in larger cities and among celebrities, Meredith’s new downtown brow boutique featuring the Bespoke Brow procedure is quickly growing its clientele base, as happy customers tell their friends about their positive experiences. 

“Brows are such a major focus in today’s beauty trends and Kentucky women shouldn’t have to travel out of state to have theirs microbladed,” Meredith said. 

But what is microblading? The process is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that involves using a hand tool to insert pigment into the top layers of the skin as individual hair strokes, creating a natural-looking brow that typically lasts one to three years. It’s almost like embroidery for your eyebrows, and the strokes look just like real hairs.
But is it painful? Talking to a number of people who have had the procedure done, they each say it’s really not. Maybe a little uncomfortable, but definitely not painful. And Meredith says educating her clients about the process is the best way to calm their nerves before she gets started. “I think learning about the procedure always helps people feel more comfortable,” she said. “The first appointment of a Bespoke Brow procedure starts with a consultation to determine a client’s desired look with color and shape; then exact measurements are taken and the desired brows are mapped out on the client’s face with makeup. Once the client is satisfied with the look, microblading begins,” she explained. The entire appointment typically lasts a little over two hours.
Meredith’s clients are diverse and have been men and women ranging from age 19 to 84. “Whether your brows are sparse naturally, as a result of over-plucking or a medical condition, Feather & Blade’s Bespoke Brow procedure can offer low-maintenance results for a natural brow look,” she said.
There is no down time after the process is complete, so her clients are ready for their Instagram selfie as they walk out the door (of course, followed by comments from friends saying, “Those Brows Tho!”). The results last an average of two years and Meredith recommends annual touch-ups to keep them looking fresh.
To connect with Feather & Blade, find them on Instagram @featherandblade, Facebook (Feather & Blade) and their website Meredith says she is also happy to take any additional questions potential clients may have via phone or email.
You can also visit her cool shop located at 704 North Limestone. “Interiors are a passion of mine, so I have worked to create a chic and modern space where my clients feel comfortable and relaxed,” she said. “I have to say though, the biggest contribution to the atmosphere has been the incredible women I have met along the way. From the hardworking lady bosses who are my channel partners and neighbors to the wonderfully diverse women who are the majority of my clients, there are so many driven and inspiring women in this city and I really enjoy building relationships with them.”•