By Marsha Koller


We all know the white wedding dress is the traditional ideal. It is the white or light gown that draws the eye to the bride wherever she is in the room or the ballroom. But today wedding gown designers have opened the door to subtle color and tone, and they have done it so well that virtually anything goes.  And with this comes black.
Black Beauty
You would naturally balk against the idea of black or black accents for a wedding dress, as it is the polar opposite of the purity and luminescence of white.

But there are gown choices that make you stop in your tracks and think twice about black not being a thing of beauty. 

And believe me, no eye will be off any bride wearing these designs.
The key to what makes these black gowns amazing are the combination with lighter hues of white, grey, peach, ecru and grey underneath the black, giving the gowns their glow and a smashing regal effect.  Wear this and write your own ‘game of thrones’.
Moody Black will Accent a Non-Traditional Bride
This look is ideal for the first time bride that marches to her own drummer.  Not necessarily avant-garde, but she has a mind of her own, is very creative, an old soul, and wants to be different.  If this is you, while being different, you still are the BRIDE and want to look like one.  Wearing a voluminous white or light gown is hard for a bride like this – it just seems like too much. But adding the black as an overlay or element to beautiful, rich, luxurious layers of tulle works for this bride, while allowing her to feel completely bridal. The look is bold but still ethereal, and just magnificent.
Perfection for the Second (or more) Time Around
As a repeat bride, you may be embarking on the real wedding of your life with the real love of your life.  But many brides that have already walked down the aisle feel like this wedding shouldn’t get the big gown again.  A huge poufy white gown might feel out of place, but adding the black element turns this idea around, and makes it uniquely perfect and right, for this Mr. Right.  Bring the volume on!
You’ll Never Turn Back
One thing about trends is that you don’t want to look back at your wedding photos and say, “What was I thinking!”  The 80’s were bad enough, but some current trends may feel hokey when we look at them down the road.  How many people do you see with wedding portraits still in their homes with the big poufy sleeves, gigantic bows and high hair?  But a gown like this, while on trend, is still timeless because it is truly, truly beautiful – and you will be too.