By Buffy Lawson


I offered to help my best girlfriend move as she was going through a painful (much needed) breakup from her wealthy, snooty, jerky boyfriend. She needed a helping hand, some good advice and a little cheering up. Little did I know, spending the day with Ralph, Joe and Norman would do just that.
The three amigos were the hired workers in charge of painting, flooring and heavy lifting.
Ralph, (“Ralphy”) as they called him was the spring chicken of the batch in his mid thirty’s. Long and lanky with a slightly awkward but adorable demeanor… he jumped at every opportunity to help one of us girls.

Joe, was wild as a buck and a clearly a LADIES MAN!

But Joe was a hard worker. He was covered from neck to shin in tattoos and skillfully flexed those pecks to maximum potential every opportunity he had. I couldn’t help but notice that at leased three of the tats were names: Terry, Rhonda and Sandy. I thought to myself, hmmm. Now there’s a painful end to a relationship. Having them removed or not!
Norman, the godfather of the group, was a soft and kind- hearted teddy bear that had been married to his sweetheart for fifty years.
It was evident to us through idle conversation that they prided themselves on being simple men who “didn’t know much about nothin’ but as we learned that day, they were wrong.
My girlfriend shed many tears as she and I cleaned out cabinets and dresser drawers. She took off the heart shaped diamond necklace that she had worn around her neck for years and placed it on the kitchen table.
“Steve” the giver of the necklace was “perfect.” Tall, dark and handsome. Wealthy, successful and…tall dark and handsome.
I searched for words of comfort and wisdom but was out of material, as I had disliked the giver of the necklace from day one.
We ordered a pizza for the guys and all took a break to eat some lunch.
Shy Ralph; surprisingly spoke …”Maaam,” he said as he looked at my friend. “Don’t worry about that big jerk. You seem like a really nice lady… Take it from me. I don’t have a girlfriend cause I ain’t found one good enough yet.“
“You got that right…” chimed in Norman, with fifty years of marriage experience on his breath. “The only way you can get through the hard times is with some one who you can grow with every single day.”
Wild buck Joe who had been jovial and talkative all day stood shockingly quiet as he took in the “pep talk” of his buddies.
He finally chimed in.
“Damn! I sure do wish I had thought about that! Do ya’ll have any idea how hard it’s gonna be to finally get rid of Terry, Rhonda and Sandy???