By Cynthia Ellingson


Andréa and Corbin met for the first time at a chess tournament in Cincinnati, Ohio. Corbin likes to joke that the moment he saw Andréa, “she checkmated me.” Yet, in spite of their instant connection, Corbin couldn’t ask Andréa out, because she was scheduled to leave for Devon, England for a year of study abroad. The two briefly connected over her winter break, when they met for coffee in a cozy café. Andréa enjoyed their conversation and returned to England thinking about Corbin.
That summer, Corbin asked Andréa out befor the very night he took his MCAT. They attended a tennis tournament together and shared their first kiss under the stars. Later that year, when Corbin was in Paris, he placed a lock on the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris. The lock was yellow with red poppies and read: Andrea, Corbin, Paris. He texted the photograph of the lock to Andréa and said, “I love you and all of Paris knows it.”
He proposed during the Spring of 2016 at a moveable feast in Ault Park in Cincinnati. Of course, Andréa said yes. Corbin and Andréa were married shortly after on May 28, 2016.
In honor of their first date, the couple decided to have their ceremony on the tennis court at Corbin’s family home. The private, beautiful setting is nestled in the corner of the backyard and surrounded by trees. Corbin’s mother refers to the tennis court as a bird sanctuary because at dusk during the Spring, the birds launch into a beautiful chorus. As the birds sang, “the ceremony was infused with the memories of all of the things that had brought Corbin and I together under that Chuppah,” said the bride.

“It was more than anything we could have ever dreamed of.”

One of the couple’s favorite memories of their wedding day is the cake cutting ceremony. The ceremony was over, the speeches past, and the only thing left on the agenda was dancing. They snuck away to cut the cake in private. As they fed one another, Corbin got icing all over Andréa’s face. She loved it because it made her laugh—plus, the cake was a delicious orange butter with strawberries.
Corbin and Andréa also cherish the memory of the thank-you speeches and toasts they gave to their families, “the people who made our wedding happen so beautifully.” Andréa remembers the joy of standing by Corbin’s side and looking out into an audience of their family and closest friends at “their sparkly champagne glasses, teary eyes, and warm smiles. It was the best view in the room.”
When asked what advice they would offer to other couples planning a wedding, Andréa cited something she learned from her new mother-in-law. “A wedding is so much more than just getting married, or just throwing a party. It brings friends and family together like nothing else. So, all the little details that seem stressful and unnecessary matter because they set the tone for the day that binds you, your family, your husband, your husband’s family and all of your friends for forever.”

Behind the Scenes
photographer | Melanie Mauer
wedding planner | One Fine Day
catering | Cooper at the Apiary
flowers | Patrick Howard
bridal gown | Sarah Seven
groom attire | Romauldo in Madeira
makeup | Timothy A’s Spa
hair | Pamela Delagrange
tent | All Occasions