By Buffy Lawson


Chemistry between two people is no doubt undeniable and ever so important. It happens instantaneously and just like science projects from fourth grade, when those test tubes of strong chemicals are put together in just the right situation, spontaneous combustion occurs!
But there is a good reason that our science teacher Mrs. Johnson made us wear those uncomfortable goggles, aprons and gloves as well as requiring us to sign a safety waiver when chemistry was involved! It can actually go very badly if underestimated.
Take vanilla when baking for example. With just the right amount and combined with other crucial ingredients, it can carry the flavor of a desert making it melt in your mouth leaving the home smelling like heaven. Without it, the cake would likely taste bland and uneventful! However, eating a bowl full of vanilla alone, not so much.
The great thing about chemistry is that it is the easy part. It just happens. No work is required. This is tricky because when something comes this easily, it is nearly impossible to deny! But much like the cake, it must be in conjunction with things like trust, character, goals and realistic expectation for the chemistry to sustain the relationship.
This is where great friends and trusted family come in. We really should listen to their opinions because they know us best and are not blinded by the fireworks.
How often have you found yourself grieving up in the big bed with a tub of chocolate ice cream and best buddy to help make sense of the dreadful tears. “But….we had such amazing….chemistry!” we sob. But chemistry didn’t help him put away his dishes, keep a job or prevent him from having chemistry with the hot red head down the road!
If you are fortunate enough to have a natural connection in the early stages of a relationship, then you are one step closer to baking a delicious cake.
Just be sure there is plenty of sweetness, consistency and all other necessary things that you love if you want it to last. Trust me. I have baked some rather dreadful cakes in my day!