By Meredith Lane


New & Noteworthy: Rehydration Station

By: Meredith Lane, City Scout

IV infusion therapy is all the rage these days. Even Showtime’s hit TV show Billions features the popular therapy as a main character’s business.

Local entrepreneur, Bryan Schnabel, is capitalizing on this hot trend with his newest venture, Rehydration Station. A concierge service that brings IV infusion therapy to his clients’ homes, hotel rooms and other requested locations or events.

Whether you want to bounce back after a late night out on the town, recover from your big race, or you just want more energy, this quick treatment will help you feel better fast. It is no longer necessary to lose time to feeling bad!

A client schedules an appointment through their website,, or by calling (859)-253-0292. Confirm the appointment and a registered nurse or nurses will come to you and intravenously administer customized fluids, vitamins and recovery medications in a 30-45 minute session, all while being in the comfort of your own space. Rehydration Station is perfectly suited to cater to individuals or large groups such as bachelor and bachelorette parties and wedding parties.

Anticipating a big evening? There is no judgment! Hangovers are a thing of the past! Proper hydration is the first step to bouncing back. With Rehydration Station, athletes have the ability to enhance performance and recover in a more effective way. Now you can properly hydrate to look your best and glow on the special a facial from the inside! Jet lag? Feeling under the weather? Replenish fluids quickly with Rehydration Station.

According to Schnabel, “The key to feeling better and maximizing performance is absorption.” Many factors affect one’s ability to absorb medication and fluid. “IV Infusion bypasses these variables to provide the best possible result, utilizing the minimum medication in a short amount of time” he exaplins. A one-liter bag of fluid is equivalent to drinking roughly two and one half gallons of water. Depending on the client’s needs, fluids can be enhanced with vitamins, antioxidants, and medications to address nausea and eliminate headaches. 

One popular additive is B12. This vitamin improves mood and concentration, deepens sleep, boosts the immune system and combats depression. Another option is B Complex which can increase metabolism, enhance immune and nervous system functions, maintain healthy skin and muscle, lower anxiety, reduce depression, and improve memory and mood. Schnabel hopes to make Rehydration Station a household name, one household at a time.•