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Lexington Hearing & Speech Center
Words are powerful! The number of words a child knows and uses when entering school is the best indicator for academic success. Lexington Hearing & Speech Center (LHSC) is providing quality education and therapeutic services to children so they have a solid foundation for future learning. A nonprofit organization located at 350 Henry Clay Blvd., Lexington Hearing & Speech Center (LHSC) has had a mission of teaching children with hearing loss and speech/language delays to listen and talk since 1960. While services have expanded since its founding, the mission remains the same.
Focus of LHSC programming falls within three areas: the Audiology Clinic, the Speech/Language Pathology Clinic, and the education programs of the Early Learning Center. LHSC is the only resource in the region offering a collaborative model of audiology, speech, and education services for children with hearing loss and provided services to over 1,200 individuals from over 65 Kentucky counties in 2016!
The Audiology Clinic
From 4 weeks to 104 years old the Audiology Clinic at LHSC provides comprehensive hearing healthcare for all ages. Audiologists identify hearing loss, if any, and help patients and family members understand test results, the impact of any hearing loss, and recommendations for management.
The Speech/Language Pathology Clinic 
LHSC provides speech-language pathology services for infants, preschool and school-aged children, with and without hearing loss, with a variety of pediatric speech/language delays. LHSC specializes with children with severe to profound hearing loss, providing auditory-verbal therapy by a listening and spoken language specialist, which provides children the opportunity to use listening and spoken language despite their hearing loss. 
The Early Learning Center 
The Early Learning Center (ELC) enrolls children with hearing, speech and language delays as well as those children with typical speech and hearing development from 6 weeks of age through Kindergarten.  At LHSC, they “meet each child where they are,” with a goal that children graduating from LHSC have age-appropriate communication skills and are prepared for individual success.  
LHSC programming extends to summertime fun and learning in their “Around the World” Summer Camps for preschoolers and school age children, and Summer Language Stimulation Camps.  Language stimulation camps offer children summer camp fun, regardless of ability to pay, while receiving intense speech/language stimulation from a certified early childhood education teacher and LHSC speech/language pathologist.
While LHSC professionals work hard to ensure speech/language development, it is difficult without the support of the family. They offer these summertime homework ideas to help families work on speech/language development at home:
• Read aloud 15 MINUTES. Every child. Every parent. Every day. By reading aloud for only 15 minutes a day, your child will gain important literacy skills that can help them be successful in the classroom and in life. 
• Talk about what your child is doing and what you’re doing.
• Keep conversations going by asking questions and commenting on your child’s response.
• Sing songs and learn finger plays, action verses, and rhymes together.
• Share in pretend-play activities acting out daily and play routines.
• Foster thinking skills with statements like “I think ...”  and open questions like “What do you think …” or “I wonder what will happen …”
• Take your child with you to new places, such as the grocery store, library, car wash, and gas station.
To ensure all children have access to the services provided by LHSC, including summer language stimulation camps, LHSC offers scholarships which are funded by the support of the community. As a nonprofit, LHSC is grateful to community supporters, like White Greer & Maggard Orthodontics, for ensuring their mission of teaching children with hearing, speech and language delays to listen and talk is available for all families in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  
The 14th annual Sol & Glow Golf Event will be held at the beautiful Keene Run Golf Course on Monday, September 11, 2017.  The Sol & Glow Golf Event is an 18 hole day scramble (including lunch) and a 9 hole glow in the dark night golf scramble (including dinner)! The night golf scramble is truly a one of a kind event as LED lights light up the fairways, greens, hazards and pins as players use LED golf balls (with the help of miner lights and other fun glow in the dark accessories!) for a night of fun all to support the LHSC mission. For more information on how to play or sponsor this unique day and night golf event which goes to support the LHSC mission, please visit the website www.lhscky.org/support. As this year’s Golf Cart Fleet Sponsor a link for more information can also be found on White, Greer & Maggard Orthodontics’ website.

Sept. 11th, 2017
Keene Run Golf Course

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