By Marsha Koller


We know we love ‘Mirrors, Mirrors, on the Walls’ for wedding décor to add light and movement to your reception space.  But mirrors can function in so many ways at your reception, and are perfect in any type of wedding setting from high drama formal to rustic outdoor venues.  Mirror motifs endure.  Mirrors are timeless, and their reflections change the personalities reflected in their glass depending on their frames.  Loooove it!

Mirrored Seating Charts Shine
Seating assignments and a seating chart is essential when you have a specific number of tables and chairs assembled at your reception. Especially if you have an outdoor venue and windy Mother Nature shows up as a guest, individual place cards can be a nightmare.  Plus they are time intensive.  
A large seating chart directing guests, written on a graceful large mirror is an amazing idea.  Good handwriting is a must, or vinyl decaling is another way to achieve this look.  The mirrored seating chart becomes an integral part of your décor that everyone must look at, so decorate it with florals and choose a beautifully framed mirror.  A shot of this piece by your photographer is also a beautiful record of who attended and celebrated with you.
Wedding Party Mirror Image
Use a coordinating large mirror, also decked out in florals to post your wedding party at the entry to your wedding that can be a replacement of the traditional program.  Once the ceremony is over, have someone set it up at your reception as a key element of your mirrored décor as a vignette for your guests to view.  Another idea is to display a blown up image of your wedding invitation.  This is clever and is a large décor piece to both catch the eye and add reflection and movement.
It’s A Sign – That Welcomes 
A lettered mirror to welcome guests at the front of your wedding and reception venues is both beautiful and functional.  If you are in a multi-function venue, it can direct guests to your event.  Plus, a traditional welcome is just plain old good manners, which is somewhat of a lost art these days. 
Reflections of Your Love  
Use a mirror with vinyl cut or hand lettering to sweetly communicate to guests your feelings and how important this day feels to both of you.  Speak now or forever hold your peace!