New and Noteworthy: Sugarboo & Co.

Meredith Lane


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: “Oh great, another awesome home goods and accessories store!”  
Sugarboo, one of The Summit at Fritz Farm’s fabulous new shops, is definitely one of those places. Believe me–it does not disappoint!  Everything in the store is just so darn cute. The family-owned boutique, which originated in Georgia, also has locations in Florida and Alabama. The Summit at Fritz Farm is their first location in Kentucky.

“We believe there’s no time to be bored in a world as magical as this.”

Everything they sell is carefully curated and unique. Owner and artist Rebecca Puig explained, “Sugarboo & Co.’s tagline is ‘Dealer in Whimsy’ so we have to live up to this name! Our specialty is adding value and happiness to our customers’ day. We work really hard to keep the store fresh and we are constantly getting in one-of-a kind items.”  Mission accomplished! I actually felt happy when I was perusing the store, picking up trinkets and gazing at the art on the walls.  
From uplifting art prints, to charming home goods and whimsical paper products, their goal is that each fun piece will “add a little good to the world”. How could they not? Just walking through their store, it’s hard not to get a smile on your face.
When I visited, with each piece I saw, I could imagine wrapping it up and giving to a friend as a gift, or displaying it in my own home.  (You know how it goes when you’re out gift shopping… “One for you, two for me.”  It’s funny, but kind of true, right?!)
There are truly fabulous gift items like engraved compasses, a pad of love notes, books, metal signs, art prints, all types of jewelry, garden decor, front door mats with fun messages, sunglasses, collars and leashes for your pets, furniture both big and small, beautiful framed love letters, accent pillows, light fixtures and lamps, glassware, serving pieces, entertaining goods and party supplies, handmade ceramics and bath products.  I could go on… it’s all just so fabulous!
Puig is proud of her staff here in Lexington. “We have a really diverse group of people on our team, but everyone is on board with our mission to put good things into the world. They work really hard to make ‘the Boo’ a place where people can slow down, pay attention to our little whimsical world we have created, recharge their batteries, and hopefully leave a little better than when they came,” she said.

Check out Sugarboo’s first-ever Kentucky location at 113 Marion, Suite 160, in The Summit at Fritz Farm, online at, on Facebook @fritzfarmsugarboo or Instagram @sugarbooandco.•