By Haley Walls


Wedding trends have a tendency to change year over year. That’s why they are called trends. Man, oh man, are we glad they do! As a bride to be, I’ve had fun spending a little extra time planning (and tasting) the cake. There are endless possibilities to create something beautiful yet delicious! A new trend that has recently surfaced is the Naked Cake.

Yes, I said that right... naked!

Now, for those people who are in it for the icing, this might not be the trend for you. However, there are numerous ways to incorporate some extra sweetness while still achieving the overall naked look. For example, you can add edible flowers or fresh berries to the design, or just add a little extra icing between the layers. No one would be mad about that!

The Naked Cake trend can fit with any theme or season. You can  go for the bright summery look with colorful florals or you can showcase your winter wedding by adding red berries and metallic details. No matter the theme, going naked will be sure to turn heads!