By Meredith Lane


Eyelash extensions have become increasingly popular in Central Kentucky — and for good reason! With lash extensions, you can look like you’re wearing makeup even when you’re not. I swear by them, gals! Game changer.

Beth Hammond Hourigan, the owner of Hourglass Lash + Skin Bar, saw the growing need for this service in our community, so she opened this premiere facility and Kentucky’s first lash bar. Hourglass offers extensions and fill-ins with classic, mink and volume sets for full, thick and beautiful lashes. Situated right in the heart of Chevy Chase, Hourglass is clean, bright and professional with a luxurious vibe. And even more exciting: lashes aren’t all they do!

Hourigan says Hourglass Lash + Skin Bar is the only medically supervised lash bar in Kentucky that also offers medical grade skin care and injectables.

“Lexington has been overwhelmingly responsive and supportive of Hourglass since our opening day in July,” she said. “We certainly feel blessed and are so appreciative of our clients and friends in the community.”

In addition to the eyelash extension services, which I personally tried out myself and can attest to how great of a job they do, Hourglass provides a number of other great offerings.

For example, having the “perfect” brows has become all the rage in fashion. This salon offers you several ways to achieve that look including the traditional waxing, trimming and shaping — and the newly popular microblading process. The process is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that involves using a hand tool to insert pigment into the top layers of the skin as individual hair strokes, creating a natural-looking brow that typically lasts one to three years. It’s almost like embroidery for your eyebrows, and the strokes look just like real hairs.

Also on the menu at Hourglass are their professional makeup applications. This service typically ranges from $60 to $150, depending on the client’s needs. Hourglass’s professional makeup artists can glam up a gal’s face for a fun night out, a birthday, a photoshoot or even a bride on her big day.

Hourglass has a full medical spa as well, with peels, facials, masques, cryotherapy, hydrafacials, custom treatments, dermaplaning, micro peels, chemical peels and more. “Hourglass is the best lash and skin bar in town because we fill a need that wasn’t being met before,” Hourigan said. “We provide all of the services that make you look and feel your best including eyebrows, eyelashes, full body waxing, peels, skincare, injectables and gorgeous makeup all overseen by a physician.”

The staff at Hourglass is friendly, informative and experienced. “We are committed to providing a Ritz-Carlton type of experience for all of our clients no matter what service they receive. We strive for them to receive the best we have to give every single time,” Hourigan said. Check out their Facebook page or website, for more information.