Atomic Ramen

In 2014, Atomic Ramen founder, Dan Wu was a MasterChef contestant who won a spot on the show thanks to his signature dish—ramen! Since the show, Wu’s food-themed writing and podcasts as the “Culinary Evangelist” and restaurant Kickstarter campaign have resulted in Atomic Ramen, which opened in October. This eatery serves up authentic Japanese ramen bowls and small eats with a superhero flair. Try the Uhura Bowl, which consists of pork and chicken broth, roast pork loin, a 6-minute egg, menma, kamaboko, nori and scallion.

120 Fritz Farm #155 | 859.523.0903


Vinaigrette Salad Kitchen

While they’re certainly known for their salads, Vinaigrette also offers great soups that are perfect for a quick lunch or exciting supper. Their Sausage, Kale and Potato soup features Stone Cross Farm sausage. For a twist on the basic Creamy Tomato Soup, they’ve added basil and tarragon. Vinaigrette’s White Chicken Chili packs in flavor with green chilies, cilantro and lime.

5 Lexington Area locations!


Pho bc

Pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup with broth, herbs, vegetables and proteins. Pho BC does it well with their own takes on the dish, from Vegetarian Noodle Soup to a Steak, Brisket and Flank Pho. Their Rice Vermicelli Bowl with Pork, Shrimp and Egg Roll is a local favorite. There are a lot of spicy options that are perfect for cool days, as well as hearty bowls that feel like an exciting twist on chicken noodle soup.

171 W. Lowry Ln. Ste. 17 | 859.276.0557


The Soup Kitchen

When soup is in the name, you know it’s a good sign! The Soup Kitchen aims to make everything in-house, from scratch daily. Because of that, they have a different daily menu which can be found online. Past offerings have included Pirate’s Stew, featuring tomatoes, okra, rice, crab and clams, as well as the German Beer Stew, which includes onions, carrots, potatoes, ham roast and beer.

376 Southland Drive | 859.275.2105


Ramen Ya

Ramen is a Japanese dish with noodles, broth, herbs and delicious mix-ins to create something warm and comforting. Their Shoyu Ramen features a soy sauce bone soup base topped with egg, mushroom, scallion, corn and Chasu pork. The Vegetable Ramen starts with a vegetable soup base and spinach noodles, all topped with bamboo shoots, tofu, corn and mushrooms. While you’re there, try the Cha Shu Bun!

1030 South Broadway | 859.288.0028