Lauren Lucas says that she’s only a “Super Mom” because she has two little super heroes that call her mom. 

Lauren’s son, Ford, was diagnosed with autism and is currently non-verbal. As Lauren explained, Ford started attending preschool this year and loves school and his teachers. Her daughter, Oakley, has a One in Two Million rare benign tumor called Infantile Fibromatosis. She is currently receiving Chemotherapy. It could be another 40 plus years before anyone in the World would be diagnosed with her type of tumor. While Oakley is fighting the unknown, she loves playing with the DanceBlue Kentucky Children’s Hospital volunteers and all the clinic staff at the hospital. The Hematology/Oncology Clinic at the Kentucky Children’s Hospital provides diagnosis of and treatment for childhood hematologic and immunologic disorders and malignancies.

The unwavering strength that both of my children have... gives me my strength and inspires me to be their Super Mom.


Family time is very important to Lauren and her fiance, Josh. While Lauren doesn’t consider herself a “super mom,” she says she does feel like a blessed mom. 

“Being featured as a ‘Super Mom’ touches my heart in so many ways,” she says. “I’m so thankful that God chose me to be the mother of Ford and Oakley. Looking into Ford’s eyes, I just want to know what he thinks and how he feels. Watching Oakley endure chemotherapy and seeing the unwavering strength that both of my children have, without a worry in the world, gives me my strength and inspires me to be their super mom.”

Lauren says her biggest challenges are fighting to get Ford the therapy he needs and waiting to hear his sweet voice again, and watching Oakley receive such powerful medicine for a rare tumor, but not knowing the outcome.

“Knowing that both of my children are so innocent, and so sweet, and should never have to face such pain weighs heavy on my heart,” Lauren says. “Staying strong for them in the face of all their battles is my biggest challenge of all.”

Lauren and her children have to be careful with their choice of activities because of Oakley’s weakened immune system. Since Oakley started chemotherapy, Lauren is cautious of germs and doesn’t want to risk the chance of Oakley’s immune system being compromised. However, Lauren said that Ford and Oakley love going to Costco, taking long walks, going out to dinner and going on family vacations. 

“The most rewarding part of being Ford and Oakley’s mother is knowing that even with everything that they have to go through: chemotherapy, being nonverbal and not being able to tell me how they feel, I know that they will grow up to be strong amazing adults. Their stories tell who they are, so I know that through their pain, they will have resilience and a fight for life like no other.”

While Lauren says she never knows what each day will bring, she prioritizes waking up every morning with the hope and the desire to be the best mother she can be. She looks at each day with a positive outlook and has found that exercising has helped to get her mind off things and has helped with managing her stress. 

“My advice for other moms is to remember that God chose you to be your children’s mother, and that’s a gift,” she says. “Also, don’t ever judge another mom because you never know what she may be going through and the battles she has to face each day. Everyone has an untold story, so try to be empathetic.”