Though they were friends throughout high school, sparks didn’t really fly until six years later, when Austin messaged Camille out of the blue on Facebook. Fittingly, he was asking her to go to a wedding with him. She suggested they have dinner together before the wedding, and everything clicked for her: Camille knew that this relationship was the one! Austin proposed on a Christmas trip to New York City where the couple stayed at the Waldorf. He surprised her with room service for breakfast. When she lifted the silver dome on her plate, there was a ring with “Will you marry me?” written in chocolate.

The couple chose Camille’s family property for their wedding day. “I love that we get to revisit and live that day each time we go out to our farm,” she explained. 

Camille chose a show stopping gown from Cincinnati’s Bridal and Formal, which offered drama and presence. “Choose your dress pretty early in the planning process,” Camille advised. “It really sets the tone for your wedding!” Little floral details in her jewelry picked up on the beautiful lace of the gown. Her Kate Spade shoes offered a little sparkle.

The walk to the aisle was long and scenic. Camille was in such a hurry that she kept stepping on her dress. Her father, who was walking her to the aisle, stopped to give her some advice: “Camille, slow down. You only get to walk down this aisle once in your life. Take your time and enjoy it!” She followed his words and truly soaked up the moment, resulting in a cherished memory that will last a lifetime.

Camille carried a bouquet of mixed blooms in shades of white, peach, cream, yellow, purple and pink. Camille aimed to keep the flowers consistent throughout the day, so the same vibrant blooms were used in the reception décor and as flower crowns for the flower girls. The aisle was lined with scattered white rose petals.

Making the big day cohesive was so important to Camille that she found subtle ways to make the experience seamless for her guests. Pops of raspberry were found throughout the day, both as a color among her flowers, paper suite and décor to actual raspberries in the pre-ceremony signature drinks! Even the champagne cake had raspberry filling.

One of Camille’s favorite parts of the day was the barn where the reception was held. She hung fabric at the entrance of the barn and her florist installed lush green garlands to create a stunning finishing touch. As guests entered, they were greeted by string lights, mercury glass accents, gold place settings and more beautiful florals. The bride remembered looking around to see all of that and the smiles on her guests faces as they helped her celebrate the love of a lifetime.


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