Nate Polly is a born and bred Lexingtonian with a lifelong passion for coffee. While he was still in high school, Nate drew up a business plan for his coffee empire. He worked at and managed coffee shops while he attained his business and marketing degree. Upon graduation, he jumped headfirst into roasting. A successful Kickstarter campaigned helped the fledgling company grow, roasting the highest quality green beans for exceptional taste and freshness. Their beans can be purchased online, at locations through the region and at their new National Avenue location.

722 National Ave. | 859.266.0041 |


Kristie and Lood Kotze love to share their coffee with others. During a visit to South Africa, where Lood was born, they had an eye-opening coffee experience that spurred their passion for the brew. Their socially, environmentally and economically responsible brand means every cup is fair to all parties involved; they give 10% of their profits to communities in need. Enjoy their coffee in person, or purchase beans online.

529 W. Main St. | 859.368.7906 |


Magic Beans Coffee Roasters’ mission is to bring single-origin coffees of exceptional value to Lexington. Beans from different regions have unique taste profiles: the Magic Beans team roasts them in small batches to bring those tastes to the forefront. Their coffees are available at the Lexington Farmers Market, online or via local retailers. They also offer a subscription service called the Origin Explorers Club for curious coffee fans.

859.629.1209 |


Armed with a vintage 1957 Canned Ham trailer, a roaster and a deep love for coffee, the Tincan Roasters team brings exceptional locally-roasted coffee and street food to the community. They treat coffee from a culinary perspective, sourcing the best ingredients then roasting the beans to showcase the unique flavors and qualities of each variety. They sell their coffees online, through the truck and through several local businesses.


Friends Troy Lee and Michael Euler love coffee. They took their combined experience in the restaurant industry and created a career that could provide a positive impact on the community. City Roastery is a micro coffee bean roaster in Georgetown that chooses high quality, carefully selected coffee beans from around the globe. They utilize the latest technology to provide a top quality product. Their coffees are available for purchase online, and they offer a Coffee Club subscription.

502.542.8648 |