By Sarah Boerkircher


Leslee Zonio’s husband, Conrhod Zonio, surprised her with this “Super Mom” title because as he explained, their daughters, Conlee and Rhyn, have never doubted that they are loved by their mother.

Conrhod often hears his girls tell Leslee, “mom, you love us from the moon to the stars and back,” and so he wanted Leslee to know that he and their girls love her to the moon to the stars and back.

A friend of Leslee’s says that Leslee likely doesn’t see herself as a “Super Mom,” but that she is a super mom because she loves creating memories. There have been times where the family has eaten dinner under the table, jumped in a creek even though they did not have the right clothes, spontaneously chased down an experience or stayed up way too late because they were waiting for a comet.

As Conrhod says, he and Leslee take pride in getting their daughters excited about the world they live in. The Zonios have slept on the beach with the Chincoteague ponies because their kids love horses, and have explored most of Kentucky because one of their daughters is studying regional history.

“If the girls are excited about an opportunity, activity or experience, Lelsee helps bring it all to life,” he says. “We try our best to experience it first-hand, but even if we can’t, Leslee finds a way. We have traveled all over the the region and country to experience things that the girls are interested in. For example, we are planning a trip to Yellowstone because the girls have an interest in wolves, Teddy Roosevelt and his contribution to national parks.”

Leslee is a hands on, creative and she puts great effort into experiences. As her friends and husband agree, she makes the littles things so special and memorable, even when time is limited.

“Every single day is different and full,” says Conrhod. “Leslee balances the demands of her day-to-day job(s) and volunteer work while still managing to fit in time to plan and prep for preschool science classes, study and gather supplies for children’s ministry that she teaches, research photographic techniques, and get our girls to and from school and activities several times a week.”

Leslee is also involved in many activities, including serving on the Bluegrass Trust Detours Committee, actively volunteering with their church, attending pottery classes, making meals for friends and neighbors—all the while loving on her kids.

Leslee’s friends agree that balancing all of life’s responsibilities is a challenge for all moms, Leslee included. She chooses to prioritize living in the moment and loves getting to show her daughters the wonder of life.

“Leslee’s joy comes from loving her girls, and knowing that they know they are loved, seeing their hearts and minds open up and expand, and seeing them experience the world.”

As Leslee’s friends explain, while she is hard on herself (like many moms) she would remind other moms to be sure to take breaks and to enjoy every moment you can. Leslee knows the importance of living in the moment and that being with your children will always be more important than a to do list.