By Sarah Boerkircher


When Susan and Caleb Harding started dating, they often used Snapchat, the social media network, to keep in touch. Susan never suspected that something was out of the ordinary when Caleb asked to take over her Snapchat account to make a Snapchat story for her birthday. Little did Susan know, Caleb was filming their engagement on Susan’s timeline for their friends and family to see.

“Our friends were receiving updates from the early morning all the way up up until I took Susan to a eld outside of the Galt House in Louisville to get down on one knee and ask her to marry me,” Caleb said.

Caleb grew up in Pikeville, Ky., and Susan’s family, who are originally from a small town in Missouri, relocated to Kentucky so that her dad could attend Asbury College. The couple met at their apartment pool and as Caleb explained, neither knew the meaning of true love until meeting.

“We have both been married, we have both been divorced and we have learned from our mistakes,” Caleb said. “Our wedding was a dream come true.”

The couple was married at Todds Road Grace Church and the Hardings chose this church because Caleb’s father is a pastor at Todds Road’s sister church.

“Everyone at Todds Road Grace Church grew up with Caleb, so it was special to us to marry there,” said Susan. “While there were many special memories from our wedding day, our first look was incredible and then sharing a special moment with my dad were moments from the wedding that I’ll cherish forever.”

Susan had her two sisters and mother help her get ready for her first look with Caleb. Caleb’s son helped him get ready by tying his bow tie. The couple exchanged sentimental gifts the day of their wedding. Caleb gave Susan a bottle of perfume, an outfit to wear on their honeymoon and a canvas painting of one of their engagement photos. Susan gave Caleb a wooden portrait wrapped in yarn of the coordinates of the baseball field that he grew up playing on.

"How can you begin a love story.. other than to say she is what I've always needed and desired."

The groomsmen wore gray suits with cranberry ties to complement the bridesmaids' cranberry dresses. Susan wore her sister's wedding dress, which her sister had purchased at Twirl Boutique in Lexington, Ky.

The couple's reception was held at Soundbar, a lounge and nightclub in Lexington, so they had to house DJ, Reknown. Thie Hardings love pizza, so they served Dominos Pizza as the main course.

The couple agree that their wedding day went by so fast, but they found it helpful and meaningful to step back throughout the day and take some time for reflection. 

"While I don't think we would change one thing about our wedding day, other than the 15 extra pizzas we ordered," said Susan. "Truthfully, looking back on our wedding day, I remember bits and pieces. However, what I remember most is our vows and the kiss after becoming husband and wife."