When people think about their oral health, often teeth and gums are the only things that come to mind. But the TMJ, one of the most complex joints in the human body, has a direct relationship to the health of our mouths. When the upper and lower teeth don’t meet together evenly it causes unbalanced pressure in these joints. This can lead to head and neck pain, muscle soreness and headaches. Other people experience no pain, but the uneven pressure on their teeth can cause them to wear, break, rotate, or become loose.

Cash+Yoder Dentistry believes in examining the chewing system as a whole, which allows them to treat the cause of disease instead of the symptoms as they arise. This philosophy is what leads their patients to long-term health.

For over 30 years their office has provided Lexington with exceptional dental care. Dr. Cash is renowned for his artistry and skill as an AACD cosmetic dentist. Dr. Yoder continues to focus on how the teeth meet together and function with the joints, which is an approach that leads to beautiful esthetics, improved function, and dentistry that lasts. They welcome everyone to come experience a higher level of care.

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