Thermage FLX is the newest generation of Thermage® technology, a unique non-surgical procedure for firming and contouring skin and reducing wrinkles. With lasting results in just one treatment and little to no downtime, Thermage has long been a preferred service for Dr. Susan Neil’s patients. She is the only practice in the state currently offering Thermage FLX.

Thermage can offer softened lines around the mouth, eyes and forehead, as well as improved definition on the jawline and under the chin. It can also reduce wrinkles around the eyes and eyelid, decreasing “hooding” to give a more awake and refreshed look. Over the body, Thermage can offer improved contours and help with the appearance of crepey skin, resulting in smoother skin on the abdomen and legs.

The new Thermage FLX is the latest iteration of this trusted, effective treatment. Finely tuned to offer the best results in the shortest time, the treatment time is now 25% faster than before. Patient comfort is always the utmost concern for Dr. Neil. The Thermage FLX offers a gentle vibration Comfort Pulse Technology™ that makes the procedure even more comfortable. All of this is achieved with Thermage FLX’s AccREP Technology™, which features an optimized treatment algorithm with site specifc real-time tuning for the most consistent result.

Board certified in Family Medicine, Dr. Neil has run her own private practice since 1999, focusing on aesthetic procedures, preventive medicine and adult medical care. Whether treating cosmetic concerns or medical issues, Dr. Neil enjoys being an educator and advocate for her patients.

One of Dr. Neil’s favorite parts about her practice is the evolution of treatment options for treating skin aging non-invasively, as with the Thermage FLX. “I love getting instant natural-looking results that patients can see,” she explained.

For lasting results with little to no downtime in just one procedure, the Thermage FLX is unrivaled. Dr. Susan Neil is excited to be the first to introduce this innovative technology to the state of Kentucky. She is thrilled with the results she has seen so far and eager to share the fast, non-surgical results with her patients.

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