As any beauty buff knows, eyebrows are a very important facial feature. The days of the thin brow are over. The lush and dark arch is here to stay! However, many women lack the volume to achieve this look. Microblading is an effective option for those with scarce, missing or over-plucked brows to achieve a full and natural looking brow.

After nearly a decade in accounting and finance, Holly Meredith earned her graduate degree in Entrepreneurship and entered the beauty industry as a microblading artist. She opened Feather & Blade in 2016, to meet the local demand for this incredible procedure. Through quality work, Holly established the brow parlor as Kentucky’s leading provider of cosmetic and paramedical tattoos.

A certified Nouveau Contour Master in both hairstroke and powder brows, Feather & Blade’s services include: microblading, machine hairstroke brows, ombre and powder brows, and permanent eyeliner, as well as areola repigmentation for women who had mastectomy and other breast surgeries. Holly and her staff  are all highly trained and experienced professionals.

So how does it work? Microblading is a semi-permanent make-up procedure that creates life-like hair strokes on the brows that typically last 1-2 years. The procedure is done by inserting cosmetic pigments into the dermis layer of the skin. With topical numbing agents, the discomfort is minimal.

Microblading is also sometimes known as brow feathering and hair stroke tattooing. However, microblading differs from a traditional eyebrow tattoo in that the strokes are small and more realistic, and the pigment stays truer to color. Microblading is also significantly less painful.

Curious what results are possible? Feather & Blade’s signature service, Bespoke Brows, includes two appointments. In the first appointment, Holly works with each client to map out the perfect pair of brows, from thick and dramatic to full and understated. After taking measurements to custom fit the best brows to the client’s face and discussing their desired results, Holly draws on brows with makeup so that she and the client agree on shape and placement before any semi-permanent procedure begins. There are plenty of color options to perfectly suit any face, hairstyle or aesthetic.

Feather & Blade offers a monthly open house that so every client can get all of their questions and jitters out of the way before going under the blade. Check out their portfolio on Instagram @featherandblade or head on over to their website at featherandblade.com to book an appointment.

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