By Meredith Lane


If you’ve ever met Kelsey Malicote or Lauren McGaughey—or if you follow them on social media—you know they’ve got infectious, encouraging and fun personalities! With servant hearts, the two are always finding ways to give back to the community through the Malicotes’ photography services, outreach projects and now, Malicote and McGaughey’s latest venture: Seed & Harvest Co.

McGaughey has a graphic design and branding background. “I’m a big dreamer, encourager and collector of experiences,” she said. “After working multiple agency jobs, I switched directions and poured myself into the start of my small business. In turn, I found a passion for helping others build successful businesses of their own. I have a heart for teaching and helping guide people to building soul-filled and purpose driven lives.”

The business partners, who started out as friends, created Seed & Harvest to help motivate and promote small business owners. “We know that small business owners start businesses because they have something to offer the world. That doesn’t mean they necessarily have the expertise to get their names and their story in front of the right people, though. This business exists to help bridge the gap between small business owners and the success they hope to reach,” McGaughey said. Malicote added: “We also want to help people grow strong, authentic, intentional relationships and followings on social media for their purpose-driven businesses.”

Social media is not a vanity thing when you’re talking business. It is proven that in today’s marketplace, having a strong presence on social media platforms will take your business to the next level by engaging with customers. Seed & Harvest offers their clients a guide to create daily inspiring content for their businesses, help with defining the clients’ message, and ways to communicate their brand and story, all while growing the clients’ brand and number of followers. “Remember that social media is a two-way street. When you meet your followers where they hang out, and actually engage with them, you create true relationships. Also, don’t be afraid to share your life and your business. The most important thing you have to sell is yourself, not just your product or service,” Malicote said.

Just walking into their newly renovated space located at 214 West Maxwell Street near downtown Lexington may inspire their clients alone—before even sitting down for strategy meetings! With a very Chip and Joanna Gaines vibe, the beautiful old shotgun house is “vintage meets modern” and features soft tones, shiplapped walls, original hardwoods, cozy sitting nooks and an inviting pale pink front door! “We wanted to create a place that inspired us to dream up big dreams, and to serve as a community hub for all those out there running small businesses,” Malicote said. McGaughey added: “Our entire business revolves around two main things: staying modern with the times and staying in your own lane. With this in mind, we wanted to design the space to reflect both current trends and our personalities.”

The ladies’ intent with getting the space was to create a place they could work from that builds community and inspires themselves and their clients at the same time. With a couple of events already under their belt, their plan is to host networking events within the space led by the ladies and other small business owners in the community. “By hosting classes, we hope to help build interest in those small businesses,” Malicote said. Outside of networking events, they also offer one-on-one business consulting and are launching an online branding course.

Malicote runs a wildly popular photography company with her husband, Matt. With huge success under their belt already, one might think that she may not want to share her tips and tricks. But she says it’s actually just the opposite. “What’s the point of having anything, if you have no one to share it with? We feel the same about knowledge. We are not afraid of growing our own competition. We find it more valuable to better other people’s lives and help them build the business of their dreams, than to hoard knowledge and keep ‘secrets.’”

Malicote and McGaughey are excited to get to know and help their next batch of clients take their businesses to the next level. McGaughey says for those starting a new business, “The first step is always the hardest, but it’s also the most rewarding. There will be a million reasons why you fear doing something, but we are here to tell you: Just go for it. Also, don’t forget why you started in the first place. Whatever your motivation or purpose for creating the business was, remember that when times get tough. Also remember, it takes time to grow in the right way. To grow deep roots. And deep roots are what helps you weather the storms. Remember your story, remember your why, and use it.” Malicote added an additional piece of advice for those wanting to quit the 9-5 job, and go out on their own: “It’s okay to be afraid, but it’s not okay to let fear keep you from doing what your heart is calling you towards.” 

For more information on Seed & Harvest or to chat with the gals about becoming clients, find them online (obviously)!


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