By Meredith Lane Ferguson


The East end of Lexington continues to get cooler and more fun! Worn & Company is definitely helping take the area to the next level with its mix of new and vintage clothing, accessories, furniture and other artifacts for your home. Its unique environment offers a space where you can hunt for one-of-of-kind treasures or find well-made, comfortable denim jeans that you’ll want to wear every day. The store’s owner, Nick Nardiello, said he believes in offering products that are meant to be worn and will last a lifetime.

Nardiello had been inspired to open a shop like Worn & Company long before his vision came to life. “I have always been a collector and thrifting is in my blood,” he said. “I felt that Lexington was missing a casual and authentic men’s shopping experience. I wanted to be able to show that retail doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or rushed. The store offers all the things I enjoy hunting for in one location. We sell clothing that will last another ten years if taken care of, plus one of a kind collectibles, furniture and knick-knacks that have lasted the past fifty.”

Nardiello said his hope is that by locating his store on the east side of town at 901 Winchester Road, that they will help draw some new businesses to the area. “I love our location and can only imagine how the neighborhood will change in the next five years,” he said.

Worn & Company is completely different than anything else out there in Lexington. Every nook of the store tells a story. You can spend hours in there if you let yourself! “It’s eclectic and arranged in a way that melds the new with the old,” Nardiello noted. “We’ve created a space that makes you want to stay a while. While most items in the store are for sale, the lifestyle pieces such as couches, old hunting books and magazines encourage our customers to hang out and take a break from their day while listening to the records play.”

The store offers items with a wide range of price points and inventory is always changing. On the high end, they offer value and support brands that deliver quality. But they also love finding tried and true objects that look as good as they did new, offered at a fraction of the price. Their goal is that people from any background can walk away with something they love. “Our products are incredibly diverse and we are proud of that,” he said.

Don’t worry gals: the store isn’t just for men. “We have plenty of fun things in the store for women. Most men we have in here buying for their homes are already getting spousal approval before their purchase,” Nardiello joked. “We sell furniture, rugs, artwork, barware and other homewares. We even have a collection of women’s vintage clothing, hats and accessories that is starting to grow.”

The 30-year-old owner also shares his advice for other entrepreneurs out there who want to do something big, chase a dream or open a business. He said, “I can’t begin to tell you how many times I envisioned a store like this in Lexington and to now see it here, the reality of it is even better. People want authenticity. When you are true to yourself, you can offer something that is truly unique. Don’t be afraid to try something different, you never know who else might have the same interests until you show them yours.”

Be on the lookout on social media for their Keeneland & Derby hat show at the store in March, hosted in their newly renovated and expanded hat room.