What's New KY: Patient Choice Ultrasound and Thermography


A practice dedicated to empowering patients with a choice in healthcare, without breaking the bank in the process. Patient Choice Ultrasound and Thermography is a new business in Lexington designed around a patient’s convenience, choice and money in mind.

After the change in the Affordable Care Act in 2010, Kim Davis, the owner of Ultrasound Consulting Services Inc. noticed the prices of healthcare went up as the rise of big corporations and insurance companies started to raise their prices. Affordable healthcare options narrowed and patient options began to dwindle. The entire process of insurance payment for procedures became so convoluted with pre-certs and claims denied as medically “unnecessary” after the fact, patients were finding themselves financially burdened unexpectedly.

Ultrasound Consulting Services Inc. knew something needed to be changed and opened it’s first fixed outpatient site. Giving into a new way of thinking and new approach to healthcare needs and payments, Patient Choice Ultrasound is a new concept that gives the option to patients to receive quality care at an affordable cost.

Independently owned and operated, Patient Choice Ultrasound takes out the middleman in patient payment. Pricing is a fraction of other institutions traditional fees that rely on insurance reimbursement and simplifying the payment process. The fees are cut so much, it is easy for patients to pay out of pocket straight to Patient Choice Ultrasound, without having to go through the hoops an insurance company provides when looking for services like ultrasounds and thermography. If a patient wants to pay with insurance, PCU only accepts insurance from Medicare and Health Savings Account; however, given the low cost, you are encouraged to compare! If you have a high deductible, PCU may still be your best choice. You will receive a receipt to apply to your deductible.

Patient Choice offers thermography services, in addition to their ultrasound services. Thermography is a screening that detects subtle changes in the breast or lymphatic system that may accompany breast pathology or diseases. This non – invasive breast screening is painless with no radiation or compression and is available for body screenings as well. Thermography has been FDA approved since 1984 and is perfect for women with breast implants, dense breasts or fibrocystic disease.

Located on West Tiverton Way, Patient Choice Ultrasound put every little detail with the patient in mind. A convenient location, convenient appointment times and a friendly environment was created with this new concept in mind. PCU offers services with less hassle and more transparency without jumping through hoops and breaking the bank.